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Amazing facts from astronomy. Proserpina

May 20, 2019

Amazing facts from astronomy. Proserpina

In 1781 the astronomer William Herschel accidently discovered the planet Uranus, which was mistaken for a comet at first. And only after long observations and calculations it was proved that the strange turquoise object was a planet, that how far from us Uranus is situated.

However, during observations it was discovered that Uranus was not moving on its orbit according to the Kepler’s laws, thus it was proposed that it could be due to the influence of the other cosmic object. Thus, with the help of mathematical calculation, Neptune was found – the eighth planet in our Solar System. But this was not enough to explain all the “astronomical disturbances” the orbit of Uranus had. Therefore, it was proposed that there was one more planet behind the Neptune’s orbit, the approximate orbit of which was found with the help of astronomical calculations. During 5 years the astronomers had been taking photos of certain part of outer space,and in 1930 the 9th planet of the Solar System, Pluto, was discovered! But! The planetary mass of Pluto and its moons were not enough to explain all the features of Uranus’s movement. And then, the scientists proposed that there must have been one more planet in our Solar System - Proserpina!

Amazing, but with the discovering of each new invisible planet, profound and global changes happened in our life. When Uranus had been discovered, the planet which favors everything new, inventions, revolution in mind, love of freedom and the denial of authority, the powerful progress in science and technology begun, social organizations of many countries started to change. After 80 years (when Uranus had completed its full circle around the Sun and came into force), serfdom was abolished in Russia, and almost at the same time, slavery in the USA.

With Neptune had been found, profound changes in arts, psychology and biology began. Also,narcotics flow into Europe began at those times. Neptune has positively affected humanism growth in society. The respect to the value of life has been changing dramatically during the last 150 years. But when Neptune had completed its full circle since its discovery, the tendency to escape the reality with the help of alcohol and drugs, virtual life and etc. began to flourish. When Pluto had been founded, the sharp plutonian transformations began, which literally erased from the Earth counties and the people, creating newforms of governments instead.

However, the Pluto tendencies have not been fully studied yet, and Pluto has not entirely revealed itself. Proserpina, which is believed to have some characteristics of Pluto, was named after the goodness Proserpina (Persephone) – the goodness of fertility, feelings, harmony around the world, identifying love to all humankind. Astrologers believe that the discovery of this planet will lead to the growth of ecological tendencies, the humankind will become more attentive to ecology, there will be more peace between the people; relationships, poetry and arts will get some changes too.

For more than 30 years already the ecological progression has been developing, as well as our attitude toward animals and aggression. Perhaps, one of these days Proserpine will be found. 

Today February 22, 2024Sign positions of planets
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O Neptune c 26° 26' 56"
P Pluto x 0° 59' 38"