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Astrological events for May 13 - 15

May 13, 2019

Astrological events for May 13 - 15

This period is highly auspicious both in emotional and business spheres.

The Sun in Taurus trinePluto in Capricorn (May 13-15)


Theinfluence of this aspect is very powerful. The Sun in Taurus wishing toshow itself in earthy beauty, create steady and at the same time delicate forms and also accumulatematerial wealth, will be well nourished by Pluto. This will trigger different forms ofself-impression such as sport or fitness, body building, admiring the beauty and harmony of the world or getting new pleasures in the sphere of relationships or authority. 

This period is favorable for business sphere as well.



Venus in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini (May 13-15)


Soon, on May 15th Venus willenter Taurus where it rules the sign and fully shows itself. But, while it is still in Aries, an impulsive and categorical sign, it is difficult for her to be considerate toward relationships, emotions are hardly controlled in the moment of quarrel. But! nevertheless, seems like Mars decided to cheer up and calm the uncompromised Aires as if he was saying “justthe last few moments left, be patient!”

Awesome aspect for relationships and love, the birth of new feelings is quite possible. Also it is a good time for buying beautiful things or just something your heart will admire.

Today December 11, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun l 18° 56' 32"
W Moon k 27° 29' 24"
E Mercury z 8° 8' 50"
R Venus k 7° 40' 28"
T Mars l 12° 6' 27"
Y Jupiter s 6° 15' 24"
U Saturn c 1° 40' 42"
I Uranus s 19° 58' 48"
O Neptune c 24° 53' 41"
P Pluto z 28° 45' 28"