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Haircut lunar calendar for July 1, 2021

Haircut lunar calendar for July 1, 2021.

This Lunar calendar is made for the city of Washington, D.C..

You must choose your city of residence, as the duration and the beginning of the lunar calendar differ for each city.

Heads up!Since the Moon is moving very fast along the ecliptic (for example, a lunar zodiac sign, a lunar day or even a moon phase can change), this means that during the day the favorable influence of the moon can be replaced with a negative one, and vice versa. Please, pay attention to the time of your haircut!
Haircut recommendations for July 1, 2021

Zodiac sign and lunar day has not changed in the last 24 hours

The influence of the lunar day at the moment – positive

Today, a new haircut can favorably affect your health, but it is not recommended going to a dentist on this day. Choosing a light shade for you hair color can help you make new and useful acquaintances. When styling your hair, it is recommended to use metal hair accessories.

The influence of the lunar zodiac sign at the moment – negative

Aries itself does not affect the general condition of your hair. However, it is better to wait for a haircut since it can negatively affect the health and beauty of your hair, leading to possible hair loss or split ends. When the Moon transits Aries zodiac sector, it is a good time for coloring and toning your hair. It is recommended to do general hair care procedures and scalp massage, because these types of procedures increase the blood flow to the roots of the hair, which will significantly improve the condition of the hair. If you want to style your hair, then it is better to use the products that contain collagen or wax.

Waning Moon

A haircut will lead, on the one hand, to slower hair growth, and on the other – to strengthening the roots.

Today August 2, 2021Sign positions of planets
Q Sun g 10° 41' 28"
W Moon d 5° 0' 13"
E Mercury g 12° 2' 2"
R Venus h 14° 4' 59"
T Mars h 2° 28' 14"
Y Jupiter x 29° 24' 28"
U Saturn x 10° 8' 42"
I Uranus s 14° 40' 11"
O Neptune c 22° 49' 44"
P Pluto z 25° 11' 6"