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Haircut lunar calendar for July 7, 2021

Haircut lunar calendar for July 7, 2021.

This Lunar calendar is made for the city of Washington, D.C..

You must choose your city of residence, as the duration and the beginning of the lunar calendar differ for each city.

Heads up!Since the Moon is moving very fast along the ecliptic (for example, a lunar zodiac sign, a lunar day or even a moon phase can change), this means that during the day the favorable influence of the moon can be replaced with a negative one, and vice versa. Please, pay attention to the time of your haircut!
Haircut recommendations for July 7, 2021
The transition of the Moon to the 27th lunar day is at 2:41 am

From 2:41 am until the end of the day – favorable for haircuts

The influence of the lunar day at the moment – positive

A fresh haircut on this day will help you become more charming and charismatic. A drastic change in hair color will help you attract the energy of money and health into your life. When choosing a hairstyle today, go with something neat and minimal – it will attract a lot of positive energy.

The influence of the lunar zodiac sign at the moment – neutral

Overall, the effect of the moon in the Gemini on hair is rather neutral. Cutting your hair during this period will boost its growth, but the hair itself can become unruly: for example, straight hair can begin to curl, although the general condition of the hair won’t change. It is recommended to style your hair in easy and breezy styles and forgo using large decorative elements. It is a good day for getting a perm, for toning or coloring your hair.

Waning Moon

A haircut will lead, on the one hand, to slower hair growth, and on the other – to strengthening the roots.

Today August 2, 2021Sign positions of planets
Q Sun g 10° 43' 15"
W Moon d 5° 22' 12"
E Mercury g 12° 5' 52"
R Venus h 14° 7' 12"
T Mars h 2° 29' 25"
Y Jupiter x 29° 24' 15"
U Saturn x 10° 8' 34"
I Uranus s 14° 40' 13"
O Neptune c 22° 49' 42"
P Pluto z 25° 11' 4"