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Haircut lunar calendar for September 16, 2023

Haircut lunar calendar for September 16, 2023.

This Lunar calendar is made for the city of Washington, D.C..

You must choose your city of residence, as the duration and the beginning of the lunar calendar differ for each city.

Heads up!Since the Moon is moving very fast along the ecliptic (for example, a lunar zodiac sign, a lunar day or even a moon phase can change), this means that during the day the favorable influence of the moon can be replaced with a negative one, and vice versa. Please, pay attention to the time of your haircut!
Haircut recommendations for September 16, 2023
The transition of the Moon to the 3rd lunar day is at 7:12 am

From 7:12 am until the end of the day – favorable for haircuts

The influence of the lunar day at the moment – positive

Today is a favorable day for getting a haircut. A haircut on this day will increase your material wealth and a waxing moon will ensure good hair growth. It is recommended to color your hair with natural dyes. The energy of nature will improve your well-being and increase your work efficiency. Today is a very active day – a period for new ideas and experiences. In order to increase your energy levels, comb your hair as many times as your age. It will help you focus on your current tasks while conserving energy.

The influence of the lunar zodiac sign at the moment – positive

Overall, Libra’s effect on your hair is rather neutral. If you cut your hair on this day, your hair will grow quickly, but also it may begin to curl and give you hard time when styling, become unruly and puffy. On this day, you shouldn’t make any radical changes to your hair (this goes for the color and the style) as it may lead to disappointment. General restorative and nourishing treatments on day will be beneficial, especially the ones with natural herbal infusions. It is recommended to do them with hair care professionals.

Waxing Moon

It’s a favorable day for doing your hair. If you get a haircut on this day, your hair will grow faster, the roots will get stronger and the overall condition of your hair will improve.

Today September 24, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun j 0° 59' 47"
W Moon z 20° 18' 12"
E Mercury h 13° 21' 3"
R Venus g 19° 3' 6"
T Mars j 18° 3' 32"
Y Jupiter s 14° 56' 5"
U Saturn c 1° 51' 29"
I Uranus s 22° 47' 41"
O Neptune c 26° 8' 18"
P Pluto z 27° 57' 27"