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Free Horoscope: Aquarius

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AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 18)

General description

Aquarius is an emotional and impressionable soul. The patrons of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. The first one condemns him to submit to fate. Saturn is a planet of sad memories, melancholy and failed hopes. Uranus, on the contrary, is the planet of action, and inspirer of scientists. That is why, the character of Aquarius is quite complex: on the one hand he is a dreamer, and on the other – an energetic doer. People born under the sign of Aquarius are very attractive to other people for their humanity. Every Aquarius has traits of an inventor obsessed with the idea of ​​ constant improvement. He may have periods of laziness and inaction, but, having overcome them, Aquarius can do a month’s workload in one week. He hates routine and pedantry. He is unstable, and sometimes goes through periods of acute self-doubt, but they can quickly be replaced by composure and enthusiasm.

Most people love the rainbow, but Aquarius loves it the most, because he lives on a rainbow. Moreover, he has deconstructed it and examined each color, but he continues to believe in it. It is not so easy to believe in something after you know that it really is, after the magic is gone. Aquarius is a true realist, despite the fact that his address is “tomorrow”.

One must be always ready for any surprises and unexpected twists with this zodiac sign. Mostly calm and kind by nature, these people get immense pleasure from challenging public opinion: they genuinely enjoy shocking conservative people with their unusual behavior. They may surprise you with some extraordinary action in the most unpredictable moments. For example, they may appear at a dinner party barefoot. You can always recognize these people by the frequent use of the phrase “my friend.”

Aquarius can offer you to remain friends after your romantic relationship has ended. He is not naive and tries not to be too philosophical, but he is full of enthusiasm and interest in life. His main character trait is an impatient desire to discover the next mystery. This could be you, and it suits you well. There are many people around us every day, and any of them could become Aquarius’s next mystery. Politics interests him, sports fascinate him, children intrigue him and his job draws him in. That is why, his relationship with you will not be his only interest and his only priority in life.

The freedom-loving Aquarius can be funny, original, independent, but he can also be diplomatic, sympathetic, shy and tender. He can also have dark periods of loneliness, when he does not want to see anyone. However, whatever Aquarius’s current disposition may be, he always has a sharp sense of astuteness, which is much deeper and more acute than in any other zodiac signs.

Uranus makes Aquarius a rebel, who instinctively knows that old traditions are wrong and that the world and people need drastic changes. He constantly analyzes every situation, his friends and new acquaintances. You may feel awkward when he asks you very direct and often tactless questions, getting to your most intimate feelings. And when he finds that another mystery is solved, he will get bored and might even get upset about it.

Nothing can be more offensive than the feeling that you have ceased to be interesting to Aquarius and he turned away to another, more interesting, in his opinion, man. Despite the stability of friendship, Aquarius do not have many friends. They seek friendship in quality, not quantity, and rarely establish a strong relationship. In addition, they are always interested, but what about the next turn? Therefore, they always have only a few true attachments. If Aquarius has lost interest in you, it is useless to appeal to his feelings. But if you hit the heart of Aquarius, he will almost certainly get off his bike to go back and see what he missed.

Aquarius is surrounded by a special atmosphere of isolation. People often don’t understand him. This happens because people simply cannot keep up with him, since Aquarius mainly lives in the future and gets back to reality, to the “now” only for short periods of time. He understands the reasons for his isolation, but this makes it even stronger. Aquarius wanders lonely among his imaginary clouds, while us, ordinary mortals, are wondering what they are doing there. Astrology claims that the current Aquarius’s day is 50 years apart from ours. This zodiac sign is known as a sign of geniuses, because 70 percent of well-known people are born under the Aquarius sign. On the other hand, there is also a very high percentage of those who are treated in psychiatric institutions.

Aquarius is a curious mixture of coldness, practicality, and eccentric inconstancy. Almost any Aquarius can calm a mentally ill person simply by talking to him. He can soothe a crying child just as easily. That is because Aquarius has a delicate psyche and a breadth of knowledge. You will rarely find people with prejudices among those born under this zodiac sign. They are equally comfortable in any environment, because they are sure that all people are brothers and sisters. Aquarius prefers a mutual understanding about things, without binding himself with any obligations, and most often you will hear him say “maybe.” On the other hand, if he dared to set the exact time and date – he will be very punctual and responsible. Aquarius will never impose his opinion on you, and in return you should do the same – do not ever tell him what to do and how to live his life. Respect his individuality.

Aquarius will never fight for anything, although he is not a coward. He is simply made from a different cloth. He would rather agree with a faulty opinion than engage in a long discussion. His reactions are unpredictable, but he will never change his mind. They say that Aquarius argues using his hat – he simply puts it on and leaves. However, his mind and a thirst for truth will not retreat a slightest bit when he is firm in his convictions. He is full of surprises and quite often, without a warning, he will do what he sees fit.

Before trusting you, Aquarius will carefully examine your soul. It is not easy to be under his piercing gaze – he will study you long and hard. Although it may seem that while he is doing it, his is not there – he sees and hears everything perfectly. If he accepted you after a thorough examination – he will be a loyal friend and no evil gossip will ever affect his attitude towards you.

Aquarius is prone to diseases associated with the circulatory system. They are cold in the winter and suffer from humidity in the summer. They often have problems with varicose veins and develop thrombophlebitis in the old age. They also may have weak ankles, pain in the legs due to poor circulation and issues with the throat. They need fresh air, sleep and movement, but they rarely follow these recommendations. On the contrary, they shut down the windows and use a thick warm blanket. Nervous tension that accompanies their mental activity prevents them from getting a good night sleep. Their health complaints are often remained undiagnosed.

Aquarius has a bad memory, but he doesn’t need to memorize a lot of information, because he receives his knowledge in some other mysterious way. At the same time, like a radar, he is capable of grasping instantly the essence of what is happening around him. For example, he may be talking to you and at the same time be perfectly aware of what is going on in the next room. His ability to penetrate the unknown and comprehend various mysteries using his special intuition reaches the heights of psychological genius. He has a very good feeling of his opponent, to the point that he can read his secret desires.

Aquarius does not tolerate lies and deception, does not like to borrow or lend money. If you borrowed money from him, you must return it on time, since he also pays off his debts on time. Aquarius is perceived to be an idealist by others, but this is an exaggeration. He is too insightful to believe in anything. He knows very well that most dreams are just illusions. His mind and body should be free as the wind. Trying to stop Aquarius is the same as trying to trap the wind in a bottle. Aquarius is the embodiment of the hopes of mankind and its ideals. You can see inside the lonely heart of Aquarius only if you also live in the future.

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