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Free Horoscope: Aries

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ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

General description

Aries are the favorite children of the zodiac. On the outside, they are friendly people with energetic manners and firm handshakes. They always fight against any injustice, without being too embarrassed for their choice of words, and they can be quite temperamental and furious. Aries always expresses his point of view directly, without mincing words. He often puts his interests above anyone else’s, thinks first of all about himself, and doesn’t get bothered about how it will affect other people. He does not realize that he can cause others to feel uncomfortable or unpleasant. However, this insensitivity of Aries is unconscious, which makes it difficult to get offended , because you feel like you are dealing with a child.

These people don’t exhibit much strength throughout life. They believe everything with all their hearts. They don’t have a secret or a complex bone in their body. At the same time, they are very vulnerable and like to complain. In their actions, Aries never develop any specific strategy – they simply go straight towards their goal.

These people typically make successful careers. You will not find tact and tolerance, as well as patience, in people born under the Aries sign. When these qualities were given out to people, Aries, apparently, were missing from the crowd. To put it mildly, these people are very straightforward in everything. Their main character traits are frankness and honesty, but do not count no them too much, because Aries lacks stability, which is subsequently manifested as lack of responsibility.

Aries absolutely can’t tolerate physical pain. It is nearly impossible to make them visit a dentist, for example. At the same time, unreasonable fearlessness often rewards them with physical scars. Their typical diseases include diseases of the skin, joints and stomach. The Aries’s physique is usually stocky build. They are hard to put to bed if they are not feeling well, but if they do lay down, it means that they are really sick.

The true cause of all Aries diseases lies in their impatience. They simply must work on their patience and prudence. These are very optimistic people, therefore they rarely suffer from chronic diseases, but they often struggle with high blood pressure.

Aries is certain that no one else can do anything better than him. Also, you definitely blame this person ever for being lazy. If Aries has to choose between glory and money – he will pick glory. His speech is often ironic, and it is extremely easy to make him feel angry. This person is easily irritated, but he also cools down quickly and easily forgets all insults. Aries can even apologize to his enemy if he feels he has offended him. Also, Aries does not lie and never spreads gossip.

As a rule, Aries doesn’t see half-tones when assessing people and events: he divides people into enemies and friends, events – into black and white. There is never a gray area – things are either good or bad, but never dubious. All people of the Aries sign live only for today, as yesterday does not teach them anything, and tomorrow is too far away. They only care about the now, the current minute and the current hour.

Aries is not able to admit defeat, he simply refuses to see it. This person is unusually optimistic about everything; he likes obstacles that need to be overcome and conquered. He never sits in idleness, in anticipation of success. The energy of Aries annoys many people, but in reality he may be quite calm when he wants to. Unfortunately, they begin to want peace and calm only when they get older.

Most Aries become successful and lucky in art and business. Other people find it hard to demonstrate their individuality around Aries, as he likes to talk only about himself and about his problems. Aries people are very trusting, which is why they are often get disappointed in people. They like to do nice things for others and do not expect anything in return. These people are pioneers in all undertakings, but most often they set unattainable goals and indulge in impractical dreams. They know how to make people happy, and they enjoy doing it.

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