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Free Horoscope: Cancer

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CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

General description

Cancer is open and loves to dream. It is the most mysterious zodiac sign, because it is under the auspices of the moon, which exacerbates his sensitivity and has an impact on character traits. To others, he seems strange and hard to read. Cancers are people with a delicate psyche and well-developed intuition.

The true nature of these people is revealed in the moonlight, which is very fitting for their mood swings. Cancer has an infectious laugh. If he isn’t joking around – he is laughing at other people’s jokes. His cheerfulness is somewhat offset by his generally calm demeanor. People of the Cancer sign are not ambitious or vain, although they need and enjoy being popular.

In parallel with their joviality, Cancers also suffer from melancholy. One can drown in their depression like in a deep ocean. Secret fears haunt Cancer day and night with a sense of impending danger, and no matter how well he covers up these fears with humor – uncertainty and pessimism always reign inside his soul.

Cancers are very sensitive: you can even hurt them with a wrong glance. Their tears are always sincere. It is very easy to find out why they are in a bad mood. When they are hurt by something, they will shut you off with silence to demonstrate reproach. Cancers are vindictive, but they usually get back at their offender secretly. Only in rare cases, when the insult is truly great, Cancer, like Scorpio, can strike his enemy openly, but more often, he will simply crawl off into its hole and wait it out. Melancholy and pessimism make him seek solitude. His feelings are so strong that they can spread on to you and greatly influence you. It is not by chance that most hypnotists were born under this zodiac sign.

Cancers always learn their life lessons. Typically, they are very patriotic and are good at keeping secrets. They are difficult to read, because they carefully hide their feelings and stay under the radar. A typical Cancer does not like to discuss his personal life.

Like a real-life crawfish, Cancer tightly clings to whatever he wants to achieve. It may be related to anything: from a love interest to his favorite pair of house slippers. Still, his actions will not be direct and straightforward. He will put his victim off its guard using misleading maneuvers, just like real crawfish, and then capture it when the moment is right. Cancer goes straight to its goal only when he sees that someone else has the same target. The same rule applies to his generosity. Cancer’s heart is very soft and can be easily touched. Still, he will help you slowly, carefully, hoping that maybe someone else will help you first. If you are drowning, he will see you going under water a couple of times before rushing to save you. However, this is rather a manifestation of self-preservation, and not egoism. Cancer always very carefully calculates all his actions.

He loves his home very much and treats it with great respect. Cancer never feels completely safe. Additionally, he always needs more than he has or can achieve – love, money and fame. People born under this zodiac sign love water – swimming, boating and all kinds of watersports.

His emotions prevent him from feeling confident enough to fully relax and let go, and this constant anxiety and tension can lead to health issues. Cancer’s vivid imagination easily turns the smallest ailment into a serious chronic disease. The parts of the body most amenable to diseases are the chest area, knees, kidneys, skin, as well as the head, stomach, and other digestive organs. No other zodiac sign has its own emotional state as the main cause of getting sick, but at the same time, only Cancer can magically recover under the influence of his own moods.

Cancers love saving money and treat food and produce with due care. They will never throw away leftovers. Whatever Cancer puts on your plate, should be finished. Both sexes of the Cancer sign have a highly developed parental instinct.

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