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Free Horoscope: Capricorn

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CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)

General description

Capricorn has a stubborn character and a brilliant mind. This is the most resilient and strong of all the zodiac signs. Secretive, secretly ambitious, he lives in reality. He loves to work and is good at it. He is drawn to success with extraordinary power. Step by step, Capricorn moves towards hi goal. With great patience and incredible perseverance he overcomes all obstacles. Nothing can discourage Capricorn and make him turn around.

In order to be able to recognize the people born under this sign, you should practice first. Observe a silent spider in the corner: at first, it would seem that he has no chance to catch these rapidly and free flying flies, and yet, eventually they get caught by his skillfully made webs, and the spider wins.

Capricorns can be found everywhere, in any area of life, for as long it is a place where they can move forward and gain satisfaction for their secret ambitions. Capricorns climb a social ladder, step by step, by always moving forward. They do not like to attract attention to themselves. At first, you might not even notice them. It may seem that everyone else has an advantage in a competition, and Capricorn has no chance of winning. Nevertheless, he will be the one to cross the finish line first and take the highest spot on the pedestal! Going against Capricorn is almost impossible and useless.

Capricorn feels great reverence towards the people who got ahead of him on the way to the top. He loves success, respect, power and respects traditions. Let other impulsive people call him a snob and a prude for that – he does not care.

Capricorns may make their critical remarks thoughtlessly and harshly, but they are too wise to make unnecessary enemies. Most often, Capricorn will try to agree with you, to adapt to your point of view – oh, maybe, it only seems that way. These people are very careful and will always try to bypass obstacles and all sorts of pitfalls. No wonder they rarely stumble. Their eyes are not aimed at the stars, but straight ahead, and their feet are planted firmly on the ground. Jealousy, passion, impulsiveness, laziness and carelessness – all of these character traits Capricorn considers as obstacles to reaching the goal, and let others stumble on them. Capricorn will only slightly sympathize with these people, feel a sense of pity for their failures and will move on. There are, of course, romantics among the people born under the Capricorn sign, but even they will not allow emotions to blind their mind and judgement.

You will have to abide by many conditions if you want Capricorn to respect you. He never makes public scenes and never exposes his emotions in public. Almost always these people idealize their ancestors and elders. Respect for age, wisdom and experience is part of his nature. Often in his old age, Capricorn will try to catch up on the things he missed out on in his youth. Capricorn can hardly fall in love with a person who does not occupy a certain position in society. He is not one of those people who marries without hesitation – on the contrary, Capricorn takes the decision to get married very seriously and takes a long time to make it. He loves his relatives very much: ultimately, he might eventually inherit something from them.

You may think that this is a cold and calculated approach to life, but Capricorn will only shrug his shoulders at your disapproval: to him, this behavior is just reasonable, that's all. Chance will never have to knock twice on his door. Moreover, Capricorn will be leaning against that door as to not to miss his chance. During childhood, Capricorn might have a rather weak health, worse than any other zodiac sign. However, their strength and resilience increases as they grow. A clear-eyed and calculating nature of Capricorn gives him amazing endurance. Nevertheless, he is not always able to avoid doctors and hospitals, because fear, uncertainty and anxiety knock down their health stronger than any microbes. Neither conservative habits and stubbornness, nor resistance to diseases can overpower the dangers of pessimism.

Capricorns should spend a lot of time outside and develop a more positive outlook on life. Almost all Capricorns have sensitive skin. These people are prone to the diseases of the stomach, joints and bones. The result of their melancholy can be headaches, kidney diseases and mental disorders. However, if they manage to avoid a serious illness brought on by their depression, then their chances for longevity are amazing. Yet, is it really enviable to remain the last leaf on a tree while suffering from arthritis and rheumatism?

Capricorn gives the impression of a gentle, timid and slightly stubborn person. He seems harmless. You might even decide that he is the most suitable candidate to become a priest, whom you can trust completely and confess to. However, you should know that Capricorn uses your weaknesses and your secrets in order to gain advantage and become stronger himself: and then Capricorns will not take any side roads on their way of becoming true leaders! Still, they will refuse heading the parade and will only reserve the right to give permission for this parade and approve its route.

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