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Free Horoscope: Gemini

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GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)

General description

Gemini represents the element of Air. It is under the auspices of planet Mercury. The character is uncertain – constant duality. Gemini is smart, has diverse interests and easily adapt to any situation. This sign as if represents two different people and it is always fun to observe their unexpected reactions. Gemini is somewhat irritable and of a nervous make-up. They experience periods of acute insecurity, can unexpectedly change anything in their life – clothes, work, place of residence, their decisions and opinions. Even when reading a book, they can start it from the end.

Gemini is good at holding a discussion. They are constantly surrounded by nervous energy. They enjoy talking but don’t enjoy listening. They are intolerant to conservative people and ideas. However, in general, people born under the Gemini sign are friendly. They are quick and graceful; can easily find a way out of any situation, and will surely surprise slow thinkers with the lightning speed of their mental processes. If anyone can compete in this are with Gemini, it is Aquarius.

They can lightly do several things at the same time. Any routine and uneventfulness make them feel like a bird in a cage. They cannot bear monotony and punctuality. Gemini is often late, but not because they forget about the time of the meeting, but because they got distracted by something else. If a person born under this sign is an intellectual, then he will find it difficult to adapt in the society. This is a type of a neurasthenic, who often suffers from different kind of mania. Just like Pisces, Gemini feels the need to behave in complete opposition to his true wishes. The people of this sign is difficult to love. It is as if they always try to slip away, leaving those who love them in complete uncertainty.

Gemini typically make good politicians and become excellent experts in human relations. Using their intellectual facilities, they will manage to convince you of anything. They quickly sense if they offended someone and can easily make others change their opinion about them.

Gemini sign has another distinctive quality – slick writing. However, without having a constant and established opinion on any subject, they rarely and reluctantly describe the story of their life, and they don’t enjoy writing letters. They often write under a pen name. They have a talent for learning foreign languages, and often prefer French. Gemini will easily change his opinion, when needed, so he often gives the impression of being extremely careless. Nevertheless, people of this sign are too idealistic to become criminals.

Whatever mind-blowing undertaking Gemini take on – angels smile at them. These are the biggest “improvers” in the world. To give rest to their constantly working brains, they need to sleep longer than other people, but they do not know how to relax and often suffer from insomnia. This leads to them often being under threat of nervous exhaustion. To avoid that, Gemini need the sun and fresh air. The most common diseases of Gemini include problems with shoulders, arms, fingers and hands. They also have weak lungs. In addition, Gemini are prone to rheumatism, migraine and arthritis.

Implicitly, Gemini sign aspires to reach perfection in any endeavor, but they have hard time defining it, despite the fact that their imagination knows no boundaries. Money, fame, love – they never have enough of anything. They are never fully satisfied. They always feel as if somewhere else, in another place and in another matter, they would be able to achieve more. Their vision is sharp, their talents are countless, but they lack consistency and patience. It seems that they have lost something in themselves and cannot find it. They are strangers on earth. This zodiac sign has produced the largest number of geniuses and talented people in the fields of science, art and literature.

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