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Free Horoscope: Leo

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LEO (July 23 – August 23)

General description

This is the sign of Fire. Leo is the central figure of the zodiac and it is under the auspices of the sun. He has a domineering and charismatic character. The main character trait is kindness. Lion is the king of all beasts, and Leo, therefore, reigns over all people, including yourself. Even if it is not so, for God's sake, do not dissuade him, or you risk breaking his selfish heart. Leo needs to be pleased, and then he will purr back at you like a sweet kitten. You will always find Leo in the most prestigious and most chic houses in the city – he hates boredom and darkness and you will not see him blush from shyness or embarrassment. Leo wants to rule his family and friends. You have to be a very courageous man to go against him when he is defending his rights or his dignity.

Some people born under the Leo sign become a little softer with age, but they will never ever lower their proud head. Do not forget that Leo is always ready to jump and pounce when danger arises, and it is especially true of Lionesses. Their behavior is majestic and classy. Leo always draws attention to his persona when he is in a group of people: he will either be the center of the conversation, or he will be sitting in a dark corner suffering from a lack of attention.

Leo makes a strange impression on people. When they are talking to someone, everyone stands at rigid attention. They typically speak with a condescending tone, love to give advice, and love explaining to everyone how they are supposed to live. They really know a lot about a lot of things, which to a certain degree gives them the right to give advice. The same cannot be applied to their own lives, though. Leo has an honest desire to excel, and he doesn’t hide his ambitions. He has amazing and well-rounded talents, which are mixed with surprising vulnerability.

This proud Leo is so vulnerable! He will be deeply hurt if you do not respect his wisdom or generosity. Leo’s vanity is his main weakness, his Achilles heel. Flattery is vanity. Flattery is like sweet music to his ears, and lack of respect makes him blind with anger. These two extremes make it very difficult for Leo to make reasonable decisions. However, people born under this sign can be very good facilitators and leaders, as well as excellent hosts. Leo's home is usually like a royal castle.

Among Leo people you will rarely find bachelors or old maids, as they are always in love. Yet, due to excessive pride, they often have unsuccessful marriages, and without a partner, Leo is a pitiful sight.

You must on no condition mortify Leo’s pride, as it will make him completely lose control. As a consequence, people born under this sign are often being left by their partners. Still, they deal with love failures with great dignity. The ability to forgive is part of Leo’s nature, and in his love life it is very possible to be reunited with former partners. A life without love has no meaning for Leo. These men and women try to be a support for others, they take responsibility for the weak and helpless, and they genuinely enjoy helping. Leo often complains about the excess of the tasks and responsibilities given to him and about pulling the heaviest load, but you should not take it to heart, as he enjoys responsibility. Try freeing him from this burden or offer your help — he will refuse. Leo particularly resents financial help. These people are very careless with money. A typical Leo is a gambler. He loves extravagance and luxury and spends a lot of money on pleasures of life and entertainment. Leo will always lend you money, even if doesn’t have the amount you need – he will borrow from someone else and give it to you.

People born under the Leo sign often have high fever, they are prone to unexpected severe illnesses and accidents, but they rarely suffer from chronic diseases. These people are either unusually viable, or they complain that they will not live much longer (the latter is their typical reaction to a deficit of praise). People born under the Leo sign can have heart, back or leg problems, but they usually recover quickly. The danger comes from their careless attitude towards health, and they often quit treatment before full recovery. This is a zodiac sign of extremes – they go from carelessness and negligence to extreme orderliness. All Leos love gossip: they need to know everything about what is happening around them.

By his nature, Leo is ambitious and he does not diverge from the chosen path. He is very energetic, but at times can be lazy and lie on a sofa like a cat in the sun. Leo’s vocation is to protect the defenseless. He is a trusty friend, and fair and powerful opponents. Leos are creative and unique, strong and joyous. They typically dress in bright colors. Leo has true dignity and grace with which he faces troubles. His optimism grows even stronger in sunlight, and at night he is supported by the light of thousands of stars.

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