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Free Horoscope: Libra

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LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)

General description

As a rule, these are pleasant, benevolent people with a light and clear mind. Venus has generously gifted Libra with elegance, grace, and the ability to love. People born under this sign easily find harmony in life, even when they are confronted by illness or misfortune. They are very intelligent, but at the same time surprisingly naïve. They can talk for hours, but at the same time, they are very good at being able to listen to others. Libras are very active people, but rarely do something in haste. Do you find it confusing? The thing is, this zodiac sign has a combination of character traits that even confuses Libras themselves. The symbol of the sign is Golden Scales, and their main goal, as you know, is to achieve balance in everything.

Their typical disposition is a change of mood. They have a smile of Venus, which can melt your cold heart – these people are truly hard to resist. Sometimes they find themselves in a state of indecision when they need to make a choice. This zodiac sign is always striving for harmony. However, some Libra people can abuse food, alcohol, love.

People born under the Libra sign may work long and hard, and then suddenly succumb to laziness. Once they recuperate – they get back to work. They instinctively feel that they need to alternate periods of activity with complete relaxation. They also have very strong emotions. At the same time, a philosophical approach to sadness and joy allows them to smooth over their own problems. As a rule, these are physically and mentally healthy people. The biggest danger to their health is excess in everything. Their most vulnerable body parts are chest and legs. Libra should never ignore the importance of rest.

Their character is composed of equal parts of kindness, tenderness, justice, reasoning, stubborn unwillingness to capitulate, philosophical logic and indecisiveness. Libras don’t like extremes like, for example, expressions of violence. They love the harmony of sounds, flowers and poetry. These are fans of everything beautiful – true artistic souls. When one side of the scales goes down, their optimism turns into panic, which is aggravated by depression. When the scales are balanced – Libra enjoys the harmony between a magnificent intellect and a loving, sympathetic heart. No wonder this is an autumnal sign: winter is too cold for him, and summer is too hot.

Today July 14, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun f 22° 29' 23"
W Moon j 27° 58' 0"
E Mercury g 18° 3' 5"
R Venus g 3° 24' 15"
T Mars s 25° 31' 38"
Y Jupiter d 11° 2' 34"
U Saturn c 19° 15' 2"
I Uranus s 26° 16' 54"
O Neptune c 29° 53' 34"
P Pluto x 1° 4' 38"