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Free Horoscope: Pisces

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PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

General description

Pisces has a mysterious and fine-tuned intuition. Neptune has gifted this zodiac sign with contrasts and contradictions: anxiety and constant struggle with oneself. From Jupiter, he got good fortune and wisdom. Under this controversial influence, Pisces often experience spiritual unrest, heartache, anxiety and longing. Pisces is also a symbol of humanity and self-sacrifice.

It is unlikely that you will ever meet a representative of this zodiac sign at a president’s table, but you will find among them many creative and artistic people. Pisces is not very ambitious and they don’t seek power over other people. Even material wealth does not attract their attention. Some of them have a lot of money, but more often than not, this is when they marry into money or inherit it. To be completely accurate, Pisces has nothing against money: he will be happy to have it if such an opportunity arises, but he will never strive for it or make too much effort to earn it – that is because he is well aware of the temporary nature of material wealth. He does not want to be a millionaire, but wants to live like a millionaire – this is his life philosophy.

The typical Pisces is not greedy, but he is quite weak and very careless about the future. He cannot fight and swim against the current. It is much more characteristic for Pisces to go with the flow, wherever it takes him – it takes a lot less effort. His mindless drifting is always fraught with danger – you can simply waste your entire life.

Pisces will impress you with his manners and good nature. He is indifferent to any restrictions in life if it does not prevent him from going with the flow. He is even more indifferent to the opinions of other people. Pisces is a zodiac sign that is generally indifferent to many important things. It is very difficult to make him do anything.

Of course, we can’t say that Pisces is completely blind and completely lacks character. This is not true. If you make Pisces angry, he can be sarcastic and mean. Still, a typical Pisces usually follows the path of least resistance, and the cold waters of Neptune constantly cool off his anger. He loves water, and more. Many people born under the Pisces sign drink much stronger drinks, and often more than they should. Like Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces love alcohol. Very few Pisces can be satisfied with a single cocktail drink. Alcohol lulls them with a pleasant sense of security, but it is a dangerous lullaby. Of course, not all Pisces are alcoholics, but their percentage is very high.

Pisces is born with the desire to see the world through the pink glasses. He knows well that the real life has many unpleasant sides, but he prefers not to see them and live in his aquatic world. He is happy to dive into his pink-colored dreams, which do not have a slightest chance of coming true. When life strikes him hard – he hides in his pale-green ocean of illusions, which prevents him from making practical decisions. A rejected Pisces, instead of realistically assessing the situation, creates false hopes for himself at the time when it is necessary to make a decision and choose a new path towards the real, not imaginary, success.

Pisces always has a choice: he can swim in different currents up or down, because he has plenty of different talents. The difficulty lies in the fact that he cannot see in front of him (as the eyes of the fish are located on the sides) and so most of the people born under this zodiac sign prefer simply going with the flow and often retreat in difficult situations.

For every Pisces, life is a huge stage. Among these people you will find many truly gifted individuals. He has an excellent memory and the ability to anticipate things. It would be nice to listen to his advice, but communication with Pisces is tricky because he cannot tolerate any criticism. He spends most of his energy on helping relatives and friends, taking on their heavy burdens. A typical Pisces never takes care of himself.

Pisces should try to refrain from various tonic agents or sedatives, avoid overworking and troubles. Poor nutrition may affect the condition of the liver and digestive organs. There are cases of health issues with arms and legs, as well as frequent colds, flu and even pneumonia. At the same time, Pisces has a very high resistance to diseases.

Humor is one of his secret weapons. Pisces laughs to hide his tears. He is also a master of satire and can often make insightful and sharp observations. His jokes can be warm and friendly, and sometimes dark and cruel. People born under this sign often have a strong sentiment of pity and a constant desire to help the sick and the weak. Helping is the main instinct of Pisces.

Pisces does not like to answer direct Yes or No questions and prefers to say “may be.” In general, he often speaks with a forked tongue for no particular reason. Everything is illusory in Pisces. His character is hard to clearly define, and you need all of your imagination in order to understand his strange plans and emotions. Yet, they are wiser and stronger than they know.

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