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Free Horoscope: Sagittarius

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SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)

General description

People of this sign are very sociable and friendly. They stand out from others by being very direct with people. It makes no sense to get angry or offended with them, as they don’t have a mean bone in their body. Their shocking remarks are made with complete innocence, and the thought that they can accidentally offend a person does not even occur to them. Do not judge them too harshly as they have no bad intentions. Their tactless manners hide a very clever mind and lofty principles. A unique combination of wit, intelligence and motivation takes them into the circle of winners. Sagittarius is genuinely convinced that he is the most diplomatic person. He constantly says: “But I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings”. These people do everything from the heart – they are not good at deception.

A typical Sagittarius is as sincere and serious with everything as a six-year-old child. He is very active; loves animals, speed and sports. He is drawn to danger. He loves physical and emotional risk. This is a sign of the Fire, therefore Sagittarius is very talkative and extravagant. Deep inside, this person is a big spender. As a rule, he is always happy and cheerful. However, his mood can easily change when he is surrounded by people who take advantage of his friendliness or demonstrate excessive familiarity. He may also resent when he is being dominated. Sagittarius never avoids the fight and does not call for help – he can defend himself perfectly well.

Sagittarius cannot stand when he is accused of dishonesty. After an argument he always feels remorse and tries to fix the rift. Sagittarius is an avid traveler. There is always something childish about this person: he does not take life too seriously, although he has a great sense of responsibility. At the same time, Sagittarius will do everything to avoid responsibility. His most vulnerable body parts that are prone to diseases are the lungs, liver, arms and legs. A great affection towards sports can lead to injuries, but Sagittarius, as a rule, does not stay long in the hospital. He always stubbornly fights any illness and recovers quickly.

In general, life rarely breaks these people. They are optimistic and genuinely believe that tomorrow will be better than today or yesterday. They fall in love quickly, but just as quickly they lose interest (in most cases, as soon as they hear their woman utter the word “marriage”). They always take very long to make a decision to marry and it is very difficult to push them in this area of life.

One of the most unpleasant character traits of Sagittarius is his affection for gluttony and alcohol. The mental brilliance of these people can turn into sarcasm or eccentricity. They are not at keeping secrets. Still, Sagittarius easily finds a way out in any situation. Many men born under the Sagittarius sign can lend you money without even asking why you need it; while women can easily adopt an orphan or take in a stray dog.

Sagittarius has a fantastic memory: he remembers all important dates, names and various small details, but can easily forget where he put his coat. He always loses things. Still, the true nature of Sagittarius is a generous and cheerful idealist. If Sagittarius has a specific goal – he will aim higher than any other person can see and will shoot beyond the stars to where his dreams are born.

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