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Free Horoscope: Scorpio

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SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

General description

Scorpio’s bite is usually lethal. Scorpios are very good at controlling their mood and character, but there are specific marks by which you can recognize these people. Their eyes radiate hypnotism, and they can look deep into your soul. Scorpio knows perfectly well what he is worth and nothing will ever change his opinion of himself. Insults bounce off of these people, and compliments do not cause any emotional reaction. Scorpios do not want to hear about their vices, shortcomings or the flaws of other people: they know everything about themselves. Be on your guard with Scorpio: on the surface he can give the impression of a soft and naive person.

They know that their eyes reveal their true nature, so they often are seen wearing sunglasses. Never ask their opinion or advice, because in response you will always hear the naked truth, which will not always be pleasant. Scorpio will never flatter you, so if he says something pleasant – appreciate the praise, because it will most definitely be sincere.

In his work and other responsibilities, Scorpio demonstrates an iron will. He never seeks salvation in illusions, and quickly finds a weak point in a person or situation. Scorpio is a natural born fighter and will use any means to achieve his goals. In relationships with other people Scorpio shows decency and honesty, but rarely becomes truly attached. This is an individualist, who deeply values his independence. At the same time, you should not think that Scorpios think only of themselves: they can help you when needed, and typically attract either loyal admirers, or envious and vicious enemies. Even enemies respect Scorpio and speak well of him.

These people have a lot of pleasant traits. A typical Scorpio is rarely afraid of anything. These are usually brave and fearless fighters, and exceptionally loyal friends. Scorpio will never forget the kindness shown to him once or a gift made to him, but there is another side to this coin: he will also remember any insult or hurt caused by someone. He may lie low and postpone his revenge until a more favorable moment in order to sting with no fail, but he may also strike right away. The first difficulty for this person is to live. It seems that he has everything to achieve success: strength, energy, mental alertness; but because of his irritability Scorpio easily makes many enemies for himself. He constantly feels that he is being criticized or even threatened. That is why, even when he is sincere, - he is still closed up and alert. This his way of protecting himself. For him, this is a measure of protection. On the slightest provocation he launches his entire defense system, and when Scorpio is truly attacked – his anger is terrible.

Scorpio’s health may be negatively affected by melancholy or hard work, but this zodiac sign has an amazing ability to restore his health at will, if he has one. Usually, Scorpio rarely gets sick, but if he does – it’s often serious. He needs a long rest and the attention of close people. He always knows more about his disorder that doctors and nurses who treat him. He is prone to diseases of the throat, back, heart, circulatory system and legs. Scorpio should avoid the fire, explosions and radiation.

Scorpio is a heroic personality, a defender of the weak. He is very attached to the family and loves children. Among people born under the Scorpio sign you will find either saints or sinners. They violently manifest a possessive instinct towards everything that they consider to be their property. Scorpio can do almost everything if he has a definite goal. The magical and mysterious energy of Pluto transforms his desires into reality. He has comprehended the secrets of life and death and he is capable, only if he wants to, of conquering both.

Scorpio manages to do almost everything without much effort. It looks more like luck than the manifestation of personal will. One of the strangest things in astrology is that someone in a family dies either a year before the birth of a Scorpio, or a year after his birth; and when a Scorpio dies – someone is born in his family either a year before his death, or a year after. This happens in at least 95% of the cases. The explanation comes from the fact that the symbol of Pluto is the Phoenix bird that rises from the ashes, so the Scorpio people personify rebirth.

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