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Free Horoscope: Taurus

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TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)

General description

A person born under the zodiac sign of Taurus can always stands out with his strong, reticent, but confident behavior. Until you get to know him better, he will give the impression of a person of saturnine temper. His movements are measured and his speech is laconic. It is difficult to make his hackles rise and break his calm. Taurus rarely gets angry and just wants to be left alone. Do not push this person, otherwise he will become stubborn. For months and years this person can demonstrate enviable self-control, ignoring things that can cause nervous breakdown in others. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, he can start pawing the ground. In this case, get out of his way as soon as possible. His temperament is rarely expressed impulsively, but when he is irritated, he can crush everything in his path. Fortunately, as we have already mentioned, this rarely happens. Still, you should always remember that Taurus can never be just a little irritated: he is either calm, or furious.

Taurus is very much attracted to the opposite sex, but it is not in his character to aggressively pursue someone he likes. Instead, he prefers attracting people to his persona. Taurus is typically passive. He is rather a hospitable and welcoming host, and not a big fan of going to dinner parties. Taurus loves his home, his comfortable armchair, his familiar surroundings. Any changes knock the wind out of his sails.

Taurus is very drawn to the earth; he loves nature, flowers. A fast rhythm of modern life makes him feel tired, so he takes every opportunity to go to the countryside. Typically, people born under the Taurus sign are surprisingly healthy; although when they do get sick, they recover slowly and with difficulties, most often due to their stubborn insubordination to doctors. One of the main characteristic features of this sign is pessimism, which also plays a role in slow recovery. The areas of the body most susceptible to disease are the throat, neck, legs and the back. Any colds often turn into tonsillitis. Often, Taurus has poor blood circulation and – as a consequence – chronic diseases. One of the main causes of his illnesses is the lack of fresh air and movement. It is useless to talk to Taurus about his stubbornness: he simply believes that he is just patient and firm. Indeed, Taurus has enough patience for all of us. For years, without ever complaining, he can carry a large emotional and physical burden, and people around him will not even suspect anything. The more problems Taurus encounters on his way – the more strength he finds to overcome them. Taurus deserves a gold medal for the courage he demonstrates withstanding all the blows of fate, which would have already broken other people long time ago.

His loyalty and devotion to his family and friends often transcend all limits. He can hardly ever be cruel and vindictive.

When it comes to financial well-being, we should definitely mention that Taurus and money always go hand in hand. It will be pointless to look for unemployed people among those under the Taurus zodiac sign. They build their empires slowly but surely. They always start with a solid foundation, then slowly and steadily constructing their creation floor by floor. They love to accumulate power in the same way as money, but typically mainly for the vain pleasure of having and demonstrating it. When it comes to acting, they usually delegate that to their subordinates. Simply realizing that they have money and power is enough to stroke their ego. Let Capricorn and Cancer work, while Taurus will be inhaling the scent of flowers and flirting with beautiful women. They are proud of what they have accumulated, but at the same time not greedy, although never throw money around.

Taurus enjoys music and art. His thoughts are always reasonable and clear – there is nothing superficial in them. His home is his fortress. He is patient as time itself. You can always rely on his strength and loyalty. Still, the main character trait of Taurus is stubbornness.

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