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Dalai Lama Test

This is one of the easiest and most amazing tests I have ever taken.

As the site administrator, I highly recommend everyone to take this test, and preferably only 1 time. You may, however, get back to it in a year or two.

Simply read it, and fill out the answers, if interested.

But first, a parable.

One man was traveling and unexpectedly got to heaven. In India, the concept of heaven is a tree that makes your wishes come true. As soon as you sit down under this tree, any wish will immediately be fulfilled –without delay, with no time gap between making a wish and getting it. This man was tired, and he fell asleep under that wish tree. When he woke up, he felt a strong hunger and thought:
- I feel hunger, and I would like to get some food from somewhere.
Andright away, out of nowhere, food appears –as if it straight flew through the air. Very tasty food. He was so hungry that he didn’t think where it came from. When you are hungry, you don’t hesitate. He immediately began to eating, and the food was so delicious ...
Then, when his hunger passed, he looked around. Now he felt satisfied. He suddenly had another thought:
- If only I had something to drink...
There are no taboos in heaven, so the finest wine appeared immediately. Lying in the shade of the tree, sipping the wine and enjoying a cool breeze of paradise, he began to wonder:
- What is going on? What is happening? Am I dreaming? Or are there a few ghosts here that are playing pranks on me? And thenghosts appeared. They were horrible, cruel and disgusting –exactly the way he imagined them. The man shuddered and thought:
- They will surely kill me now. And they killed him.

Do you agree with the notion that we ourselves rule our life and attract into it all the necessary (or, sometimes unnecessary) events? I think that what we think will definitely materialize sooner or later. Sometimes it happens after such a long period of time, when we have already forgotten about our wish. It seems to me that it is precisely our thoughts that create feelings of joy and sadness, the good and the bad. I believe that when one realizes this fully, one can manage the events in his life, attracting only those that are needed and may be useful in the future.

What do you think about this?

Here is the Dalai Lama Test

A final instruction: take it only when you really want to.

See if it suits you. It is very unique. There are only 4 questions, and the answers will definitely surprise you.

Do not peek into the answers. Our brain is like a parachute – it works better in the expanded state. It's very funny, but you should follow the instructions exactly. Do not cheat.


Warning! Answer the questions one after another. There are only 4 questions, but if you see them all before completing the test, you will not get the correct result. Follow the instructions, following slowly from question to question. Don not peek ahead. Your answers must be honest, as it will help you to discover who you really are.

So, let's begin:

1. Arrange these animals in the order that reflects which ones you like more than others (rank them from 1 to 5):

A) Cow
B) Tiger
C) Sheep
D) Horse
E) Pig

2. . Write a definition for each one (1 word for each)::

A) Dog
B) Cat
C) Rat
D) Coffee
E) Sea

3. Think about someone (who knows you and who is important to you), and assign to them a specific color (do not repeat any colors twice, and specify only one person for each color):

A) Yellow
B) Orange
C) Red
D) White
E) Green

4. Finally, write down your favorite number and a day of the week:

A) Number
B) Day of the week

Are you done? Make sure your answers reflect what you really feel. This is your last chance…

View the results by clicking "Reply." But before that, repeat your wish:

Today July 14, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun f 22° 31' 24"
W Moon j 28° 23' 13"
E Mercury g 18° 5' 49"
R Venus g 3° 26' 51"
T Mars s 25° 33' 7"
Y Jupiter d 11° 3' 0"
U Saturn c 19° 14' 59"
I Uranus s 26° 16' 59"
O Neptune c 29° 53' 33"
P Pluto x 1° 4' 35"