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Ancient solitaire

Ancient solitaire is one of the oldest fortune telling that has come to us from ancient times. This type of divination reflects folk wisdom of the people and at the same time perfectly reflects our reality. Before starting divination, clear your thoughts and ask a question or think about an event for which you want to lay out the cards.

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Today October 22, 2021Sign positions of planets
Q Sun j 28° 50' 28"
W Moon s 14° 34' 24"
E Mercury j 11° 9' 1"
R Venus l 15° 35' 45"
T Mars j 24° 16' 40"
Y Jupiter x 22° 21' 13"
U Saturn x 6° 58' 45"
I Uranus s 13° 21' 8"
O Neptune c 20° 50' 24"
P Pluto z 24° 22' 19"