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Natal chart online

Natal chart is a personalized birth horoscope. It is created using your time of birth and place of birth. The natal chart shows us in what position the planets of our Solar System were located during the moment of your birth. By interpreting this data, we get a personalized horoscope, which contains almost all the information about a person: his innate capabilities, talents and aptitude, the starting conditions of his life and possible development paths.

In order for the personalized horoscope to be the most accurate, you should specify your date of birth, approximate (but preferably exact) time of your birth and the place of birth. If your city is not listed, select the closest city from the list: a 50-100 km difference is acceptable, but it is important that the chosen city be in the same time zone.

Enter your details: date and place of birth

Rio Grande
Time zone at the time of birth:
The system of astrological houses:

Today October 22, 2021Sign positions of planets
Q Sun j 28° 50' 39"
W Moon s 14° 36' 44"
E Mercury j 11° 9' 8"
R Venus l 15° 35' 57"
T Mars j 24° 16' 48"
Y Jupiter x 22° 21' 13"
U Saturn x 6° 58' 45"
I Uranus s 13° 21' 8"
O Neptune c 20° 50' 24"
P Pluto z 24° 22' 19"