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Description of Indian Cards

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Stones – you have a hurdle in your way, an obstacle in your plans. You can see exactly what an obstacle it could be if the adjacent card is a Lock, Queen of Spades, or Skull...
Tearful Eye – means problems, anxiety, troubles, or a stressful situation. Look at surrounding cards – maybe you will find the reason for it.
Wreath – one of the best cards. It means success in business, achievement of your goal. You can expect glory and recognition.
Rainbow – you are in for a wonderful mood and cheerful, carefree days.
This card doesn’t come up very often!
Very good things are coming your way.
Balloon – the cards are deceiving you. You should shuffle them again and start fresh. Sometimes cards don’t want to predict. So maybe they should rest today.
Camel – means wealth, profit, money.
A large one-time profit. (a really big one!!)
It’s a good card!
What can we say?
This is a big surprise from your Destiny!!
If a card is cut, it can mean some necessary or unnecessary spending for you.
Sail is a sign of a hesitant person, and if a Penguin is near, - this person will never dare to take desperate steps, which is probably why he is being so unlucky at the moment. Hence - distrust, hesitation and obstacles in solving problems. The advice of the card is to show some determination.
House – major changes in your personal life: could be moving or changing your place of residence. It may also mean that your husband (or wife) will leave. It can be a sign of positive changes in life if there are good cards next to it (and vice versa). This card is serious and powerful.
Parachute – you will take a daring and decisive step that will have a successful conclusion. Next, you might be shown the consequences of that step, which means that a card advises to take this step, which would bring luck. But!!!
If a Parachute card is cut (at least on one line – vertical or horizontal), you will shy away from an opportunity or miss it. Perhaps, that is a mistake. Especially if it is followed by negative events. So, you need to do this, you need to take that step! This way you can fix some undesirable events in your life, and troubles would pass you by.
Crown is one of the strongest cards in this deck!!!
It’s a wonderful card!
It means success in business and other ventures, an achieved goal, realized dreams. Everyone should be so lucky to get this card!!! If a card is cut on one line, it means that you won’t be able to reach the goal. You will be shown why: there’s either some failure coming, or some troubles in making decisions, or an obstacle. You will see for yourself depending on what cards are next to it.
Wedding Ring has several meanings. If it matches, you will get a proposal or get married within a year (the card’s predictions last for 1 year). But first, we need to see what lies next to it. For example, a Clock. Then it could mean that after a proposal is made, you may take some time to think about it. There might be other unpleasant cards, which again could mean that a wedding is in question. If the wedding ring is cut by another card – the marriage has lost its former value and meaning. If the halves of a ring are on the same line, but lie very far from each other – the marriage might fall apart. If a married woman gets this card, it means that her marriage is strong, despite a deteriorating relationship. It may even mean that a husband has left, but still doesn’t want to divorce.
Envelope means you will receive important and expected news, which can even change your plans. This is more a business-related card than a personal one.
Skull – don’t be afraid, it doesn’t literally mean death! This card is a sign of your fatigue, physical and mental, a possibility of a nervous breakdown. You can trace where it all is coming from. For example, a Lock means that you can’t find the key to solving a problem, or that you’ll lose money… Here is the reason for your breakdown! It’s good that the card has warned you – now you can avoid a nervous breakdown. Just don’t give up!
Question Mark – you are bothered by some issue, problem or a relationship. Sometimes the cards don’t show the solution to this problem, and in some cases it is clear how the issue can be solved. It all depends on what cards lie next to it.
Jack signifies a young man, a loving and devoted friend next to you. It’s a very meaningful card. If it’s cut on one line – the relationship has deteriorated, and everything that stands between you two can be seen between its two halves. They signify his thoughts and his failed plans. Even halves of other cards are important here. For example, a half of a Question Mark, Crown, or Queen of Spades... This means he is asking himself if he needs this relationship. He cannot reach his goal with you. In other words, the relationship has become a burden. His mother is interfering, she doesn’t like you. And so on… Here, you can see a lot about your relationship with your loved one.
Two Hearts - you are in love and you are loved. If there is a Road between two halves of the card, your relationship may go south after a trip. In other words, here you should not lose sight of any hints that the cards give you!
Queen of Hearts – a lady-friend, a woman next to you with friendly intentions. If it is cut and, for example, there is a Fish next to it – you will have a fight with your close girlfriend; and if you see Glasses next to it – she is a two-faced person and cannot be trusted.
Eagle means a patron, always ready to help you, a sponsor. It signifies support in difficult times, perhaps even a new acquaintance with a wealthy person. If it is cut by one card, then you can fall out with this person, especially if the following cards are negative. Sometimes it means a new acquaintance, which will become meaningful in the future for you. It all depends where the cards is.
Coffin could mean either a serious health problem, or crushing of your hopes and dreams, a failure to realize some plans.
Scissors – the situation feels unmanageable to you, but in fact you can solve the problem. It is important to look at the surrounding cards. If you see a Lock, Clock or Skull next to it – it means that you have a very serious problem and need to think it through carefully, or you will get stressed out quickly.
King means a good person in your destiny, unless it’s surrounded by bad cards. The card can be interpreted like this: an important official, who you know or will soon encounter, will help you in solving an important issue. In general, this card is quite multifaceted.
Key – this card means finding the key to solving problems. If the Key is cut and is on the same line, it means that you can’t find the key to solving a problem. If the two halves match, you will solve your problems in the near future, depending in which row the Key lies.
Burning Candles – it’s a good card. It means you will have optimism, faith in your future. It says that you know what lies ahead of you.
It also signifies the end of a crisis and misfortune. Sometimes the cards fall in a way that you can see where your faith in the future will come from. It could be money, a successful trip, or a new acquaintance. Don’t miss anything here!
Ladder – promotion in life and at work, success in your planned ventures and adventures. It could also mean a promotion at work. If a person is unemployed, this card could just mean that everything will go according to plan.
Glasses – this card says that there is a two-faced and hypocritical person in your inner circle. Sometimes you can even see who that person is. For example, when there is a Queen of Spades or a Queen of Hearts next to it. It could be a loved one, or someone from work. Basically, you need to look around and find out that untrustworthy person. It’s a serious card that should make you think.
Heart with Arrow means an unrequited, one-way love.
Well, that happens.
You are in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way.
Trunk signifies money, profit, a financially successfully endeavor, and could also mean a targeted expense.
Heart Pierced by Dagger – a heart-piercing blow. Your heart is broken by unfulfilled love. In this state of mind you can really wind yourself up with stress. Usually, people get this card when the relationship between spouses is getting worse, and the person feels depressed and helpless. Well, you have no choice but to survive! What doesn’t kill us – makes us stronger. If you see a Torn Necklace or a Hospital Bed next to your card – you have unsolved problems. In that case, you should decide if what you have is worth saving. It is a very hopeless card.
Bonfire – very soon you will fall in love, unexpectedly and passionately! This card signifies a suddenly ignited feeling of love. This is not something from your past or present – it means only a new love interest. It’s a rare card. Make sure to look what’s next to it. If you see sadness and misfortune – then why fall in love?
Clock is a warning, an advice not to rush into anything, but take time in making an important decision. If it’s followed by bad cards, it means you have rushed into something, and for the wrong reasons.
Horseshoe signifies good luck in life, at work. It means your wish will come true; not the biggest wish (here it’s better to get a Crown or a Wreath), but it’s better than nothing.
Fish brings a dispute, an unpleasant fight, an accusatory and intense conversation with mutual accusations. It is better to avoid such a turn of events, especially if next to it you see cards that mean stress, illness and other troubles, because they could be the consequence of that heated conversation.
Scales – you will have to make an important decision, but don’t rush it and think everything through. It often happens that the card is cut by one or two other cards. This means that you have to time to think, and warns you not to ignore it. For example, if the card is cut, and next to it there is a Camel (money), Tearful Eye or some other bad card – this means you should have made a decision after a serious consideration, but you didn’t think it over. This leads to expenses, stress and other negative consequences.
Torn Necklace signifies a missed opportunity. It is a card of past events. Sometimes you can see those events by decoding nearby cards. Look closely.
Wine Glass says that you have a party coming up. You might be invited to dinner. If you see a Jack next to it (your love interest) – this means he enjoys drinking, and you should pay attention to that.
Penguin – white belly, black back. It’s not an action card, but it characterizes the one for whom you are reading the cards. It rarely comes, but if you see it – you have a shy and timid person in front of you. He has hard time making choices, is easily swayed and can miss a good opportunity. If you see the card of Scales next to it, but only a cut one, and maybe even a “cut” Parachute – this combination means that this person is indecisive and has missed a chance that could have brought him luck. He missed a favorable opportunity – a either in personal relationships or business matters.
Queen of Spades says that someone hates, despises or envies you. Someone will be mean and unkind to you. Usually this card does not point to a girlfriend, although anything can happen in life. This woman is not young. It is often a mother-in-law or mother-in-law, perhaps a neighbor or a colleague.
Necklace (fastened) signifies a blow someone is preparing behind your back, an unexpected unpleasant event that you can prevent if you make necessary steps. Looking at neighboring cards you can even see who will make that blow and its consequences. For example, there might be an unsolvable problem (Lock), there might be failures, stress (Tearful Eye), loss of optimism. Anything can happen if you don’t prevent that blow!
Bed with a Heart says that your intimate relationships are amazing, or that you have an unforgettable night of love in the near future. If you see a Bonfire next to it – new love affair, new romance. And if you see a half of Bed with a Heart and a half of a Hospital Bed – it means that intimate relationships do not bring joy and bring pain. If that combo is seen twice – everything is just horrible. And if there is a Wedding Ring card cut by other cards – your marriage has lost its meaning and value.
Lock means that a person has a problem that currently cannot be solved. If it is followed by a Key – the issue will be solved soon. If you have bad cards that follow, like a Hospital Bed or a Tearful Eye – the situation is getting worse.
Lightning signifies an unexpected unpleasant event or news. Make sure to look where it’s coming from. It could be a betrayal of an official person (an Eagle), or maybe someone close to you. Look at all the cards around it closely.
Snake (looks a little like a dragon) says that there is gossip or slander coming your way. If in the same layout you have a Queen of Hearts, this means your close girlfriend is spreading rumors about you. If next to the Queen you see Glasses – this means she is two-faced: saying one thing to you, and another to others.
Hospital Bed literally means a disease. The card warns you about an illness. This could be either a disease or an accident. Be careful.
Road implies a pleasant journey, or achieving your goals on a business trip. If the card is cut by another card, it means you are thinking about a trip but it hasn’t happened yet – maybe it’s not time. If you see bad cards next to it – you shouldn’t take that trip even if you really want to. Look closely at surrounding cards.
Sun means a positive mood and increased vitality. This card doesn’t come often, because it needs serious grounds. In any case, the surrounding cards will tell you when you can expect a surge of energy.
Encircled Envelope brings a long-awaited message that, unfortunately, will not change anything. Too late… For example, the marriage has already fell apart, and then your husband tell you he can’t live without you just when you already built a new life, became stronger and don’t feel anything towards him any longer, even pity…
Pigeon means you have a loyal and devoted friend next to you. Despite its simplicity, this card is extremely rare. Probably because true friends are hard to find. Sometimes the card can mean that your husband is faithful to you. Another interpretation of the card is that you can expect harmony and love in your home.
Bell says that you will get long-awaited good news, which you will want to share with everyone because it’s that good. But you shouldn’t share – keep it a secret.
Anchor means a pause in business matters. It is a very two-faced card and a rare one. If you see good signs next to it, then you can interpret the card as a need and desire to take a break. When you are dealt with continuous failures, then it’s easy to feel drained. The card can also mean an unplanned vacation or a need for one.
Moon and Stars is a very rare card, and an amazing one! It accurately predicts changes in life (and tells which ones!), to small details. It is very important in what row it is.
Indian cards typically predict events one and a half to two months before they happen. Every row gives us around 10 days. Stars mean serious changes in life in 28 days. If every row gives us 7-10 days, then you can know you’re your life is going to change. For example, if Moon and Stars matched in a third row: if today is the first of the month, add three-four weeks and 28 days – you can expect life changes in about a month and a half-two months. If you see bad cards around Stars – the changes can be bad. Closely examine the surrounding cards. If all you got is the sign of Stars (yes, that happens to!) – this means the changes will be unexpected and positive.
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