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Lenormand 4 Cards Spead

In this reading, we first shuffle the deck, then count 12 cards, put them under the deck, put the thirteenth card we place in the Past cell, then count 12 cards again, also put them under the deck and put the Present in its cell, and then we repeat the cycle two more times.

With the help of our service, the algorithm repeats itself, which is why the probability of an error is minimized.

Before starting the reading, think of a question first, and then click on the “Start Reading” button.

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Today September 24, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun j 0° 59' 55"
W Moon z 20° 20' 7"
E Mercury h 13° 21' 12"
R Venus g 19° 3' 11"
T Mars j 18° 3' 37"
Y Jupiter s 14° 56' 4"
U Saturn c 1° 51' 29"
I Uranus s 22° 47' 41"
O Neptune c 26° 8' 18"
P Pluto z 27° 57' 27"