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Love Solitaire

Love Solitaire is love fortune telling. It will help you find an answer to the questions about your love interest, about his/her real feelings, about the future of your relationship and what joys or challenges you will have to go through.

How the reading is done

Before you start Love Solitaire, ask yourself what exactly you would like to understand about your current relationship. Here are some examples of suitable questions: “How will our relationship develop in the coming month?” or “What are his/her real feelings towards me?” You should not be asking questions regarding long-term future, stay within 4-6 weeks’ timeframe. The Love Solitaire spread consists of 20 cards: four cards in a row, with a total of five rows. Pay attention to the cards that come up in the first rows, as they usually have the strongest influence on the entire reading, or describe the situation or the partner who initiated the relationship. The cards in the last row typically sum up the overall result of fortune telling.

Description of Love Solitaire Cards

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Today August 2, 2021Sign positions of planets
Q Sun g 10° 42' 35"
W Moon d 5° 13' 53"
E Mercury g 12° 4' 25"
R Venus h 14° 6' 22"
T Mars h 2° 28' 58"
Y Jupiter x 29° 24' 20"
U Saturn x 10° 8' 37"
I Uranus s 14° 40' 12"
O Neptune c 22° 49' 42"
P Pluto z 25° 11' 5"