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Description of Love Solitaire Cards

Clock – this card represents some sort of difference between you and your partner. Usually it is the age gap, but it is also possible that you have a big difference in social status, or differ in religious beliefs. In essence, this card implies that your differences can in some way affect your relationship. This can be a very positive influence (opposites attract), or a negative one (you do not have much in common, you are too different) – it all depends on your particular situation.
Moon - in this Love Solitaire reading this card usually points at the other woman. If the reading is done by a man, then the card may represent a close relative, a colleague (who he fancies), or a new love interest. It should be interpreted together with the rest of the cards. If you see a Queen near by – it could be pointing at a difficult choice between a wife and a mistress. There is also another interpretation of this card – a desire to take the relationship to the next level, to create a family.
Lantern – it says that you should not delay finding a solution for a particular problem. Which problem? You need to look at the rest of the spread. If, for example, you see the Moon card – perhaps, it is time to deal with a cycle of problems created by another woman. The Snake card says that you should stop closing your eyes to cheating, the Panther card hints at problems of sexual and intimate nature, while the Grapes card exposes drinking problems. However, this card works not only with negative cards. So, if a positive card comes out – then everything will work out!
The Queen card represents a female. So, if you are man – the card signifies you partner. You should look at other cards in the spread and they will tell you what you can expect from your woman or figure out how she feels about you. This card also shows the importance of this person to you. If the reading is done by a female – this card represents herself.
Vase is a good card. It means either a gift or a pleasant surprise!
Squirrel points at a conversation, a dialogue. It could be a pleasant one, or a heavy heart-to-heart, depending on the surrounding cards. In general, you need to look at the other cards, and they will determine the importance, complexity and peculiarity of the issue that you want to discuss with your partner.
Flower signifies a romantic date, excitement of the heart, flower bouquets, sweets and beautiful courtship.
Bells – unpleasant conversations behind your back, gossip, or slander.
King is the symbol of a male. If you are a woman, this card represents your partner. Look at the cards that follow and you will understand how he truly feels about you and what you can expect from him. The fact that the King card came up speaks of the importance of this particular man and this relationship. If the reading is done by a man, then the King card represents him.
Panther signifies a strong and powerful sexual desire.
Fool represents your friend (girlfriend). The card itself does not mean anything, and it needs to be interpreted with the rest of the cards. Bad cards can have a negative effect on the situation. For example, if you see the cards such as Knight or Snake, it could mean that your partner will cheat on you with your friend. It could also mean that your friend will catch your partner with a lover.
The Crown card speaks of power. It either means that your partner is holding all the power in your relationship, or that your partner is a strong and power-hungry person. It can also mean that you are drawn to your partner. In general, this card is positive, and its positive influence is enhanced when there are other good cards nearby.
The Key card means uncovering some secrets, or finding an answer to the question that has long tormented you, or an unexpected revelation. The surrounding cards will tell you exactly what kind of revelations. For example, if the Mask card is near, then you will find out what intrigues your partner was spinning behind your back, or was preparing a surprise for you.
The Knight card says that your rival in romantic affairs is on the horizon.
Fire points at a lover or a mistress interfering in your relationship. It could also signify an intense and powerful relationship that blocks all reason, ignites strong emotions and makes every moment of life colorful and unforgettable. Do not forget to listen to your intuition.
Lizard represents the emotions of jealousy.
The Car card represents movement. It can mean a long trip or meeting someone when travelling. It could also signify upcoming changes in your relationship – it depends on the cards that are nearby. Good cards predict positive changes, and if bad cards come up – you will know from which direction negative changes will come.
The Lion card can characterize a courting period in your relationship or being seduced by a potential partner. In general, it signifies a desire to please and a need to be desired by your partner.
Sand clock means that there is some restraint in the relationship. Everything is developing rather slowly and painfully. There are some obstacles and difficulties.
Ants depict petty quarrels that are unavoidable in any couple. Try to accept the fact that changing your partner is an impossible task, simply because people typically resist change, although we often say that we want to become more masculine (womanly) or successful, more talented, or just grow and develop. That is why, you should treat such issues more reverently and patiently, and soon you will notice that you partner changed for the better or you have changed your attitude towards this topic.
The Angel card is a very positive card that points at an amazing occurrence that will affect you or your relationship in a wonderful way and bring fresh energy into your relationship.
Cupid means a new love story, emotions, or renewal of old feelings and taking your relationship to the next level.
Anchor –can signify that a certain amount of fatigue has accumulated in the relationship, and both partners need emotional and spiritual break, perhaps away from each other.
The Yacht is a very good card. It can mean either an amazing and long trip, or meeting a partner from another country. It can also signify financial gain!
Mask represents something tricky, hidden in a relationship – some backroom dealings. Perhaps, your partner is spinning some intrigues behind your back – so you should be careful and vigilant.
The Grapes card points at addictions. First of all, it can signify alcohol addiction, but it can also point at a psychological co-dependence in the relationship. If it is next to Samovar – you will enjoy a great party with friends. The Grapes card can also say that you will meet your new love interest at a party.
Bull represents a lot of work and working hard. You or your partner is a workaholic, and this fact negatively affects your relationship. The card can also mean a new acquaintance at work or business trip.
The Snake card is associated with deceit, backroom dealings and even infidelity.
Glasses – this card is trying to say that the person who is doing the reading does not see his current situation clearly. Perhaps, you overestimate, or underestimate, your partner or his actions. The card may also hint that it is time to remove the rose-colored glasses and stop having illusions about your partner.
Manuscript means news from a close person. Nearby cards will tell you what kind of news you can expect.
Mirror represents narcissism. The card says that your partner is focused only on himself and does not pay much attention to your problems.
Umbrella is a good card. It says that your relationship is under a certain protection of higher powers. Even if you see bad cards around it – the Umbrella card will help you reduce their negative impact or even bring it to nothing altogether. It can also signify the protection and care of your partner.
Owl points at arguments, misunderstandings or disagreements. Usually this card "works" with surrounding cards. To understand the reason for arguments, you should look at nearby cards. If you see the Knight card – you will argue about a rival or mistress. If you see Panther – you will have sex related quarrels. You should take this card seriously, and try to fix the situation, because the arguments can be damaging to your relationship.
Jack typically says that you are preoccupied with something, or can’t stop thinking and worrying about a certain issue. It all depends on the nearby cards.
Playing cards represent flirting or a relationship without commitment. If you are interested in how your partner really feels about you, then this card can mean that he is not looking for a serious relationship. If this card came up last in the reading, then you should not expect anything more with regards to your question or your relationship.
Rooster is a symbol of a child. The card signifies either a birth of a child, or the fact that a child will lead to some changes in your relationship.
Ring signifies marriage or a serious long-term relationship. It can also mean a union of some kind, but usually it points at the next stage of a relationship – a proposal or starting a family.
Toad is a symbol of irritability, negativity or some kind of aversion. Generally speaking, it means that either your partner irritates you, or he is disgusted by you.
Samovar represents hospitality, and with regards to your partner it indicates that he/she is a house-proud, hospitable host who is always happy to have people over. If you asked about a specific situation, then it can mean a quick solution to problems with your house, apartment or any other real estate.
Swan is a very positive card. It signifies loyalty and trust in the relationship, moderation and tranquility, and reliability of your partner.
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