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Eleventh lunar day

Symbols of the day: fire sword, crown, ridge, Minotaur labyrinth
Stones of the day: bloody, carnelian, selenite, fire opal
General characteristics

This is a day of astral battles, and it is believed to be the most powerful in the entire lunar zodiac. This is a day of rigor and purity. It is considered a complicated period of astral body’s cleansing. Today, one must pray without fail. At the same time, despite all its severity, the 11th lunar day is one of the luckiest days of the lunar month. It allows us to see how the things that we planned and outlined in the beginning of the month (and especially on its positive days) are beginning to take shape. All bad things that negatively affected you in the previous days will go away. Thanks to this, all your plans and ideas can be successfully realized.

Note: whatever you do on this day, you need the most thorough preparation. This is an indispensable condition for a successful outcome of your endeavors. Only under this condition you and your undertakings will be provided assistance from provided with help from on high.

By the way, in ancient times on this day astrologers advised rulers to start a war after a long preparation.

Recommendations for today

Most astrological schools consider the 11th lunar day to be the time of the entire lunar month when the energy peaks. In fact, today the concentration of energy is very high. Whatever you are doing today has a truly inimitable power, capable of taking on the world. Just make sure to use this power with caution: after all, a person is not always able to control the weapon he is holding. If you find that you can’t manage the power you possess, can’t control it, then it starts controlling you; and the result will be the same as when an amateur is handed a powerful gun. Why is this happening?

Special details

On the 11th lunar day, the powers of the earth unite with the lunar energy. Thus, the lunar energy is doubled in force and needs an exit. If you want to better understand what is happening on this lunar day, imagine the two ends of a wire that are brought to each other – they pass electrical discharges. About the same thing is happening between the earth and the sky.

And who is between these two poles? That's right – a person. He becomes a conductor of this powerful energy, which is then concentrated in himself. Because of this, on the 11th lunar day, people often feel great enthusiasm, increased potential and unshakable confidence. You should utilize this powerful energy to accomplish serious undertakings. The most important thing is to finish the work you started, otherwise you will never be able to do it again. Also, make sure not to lose the sense of confidence: the shortest moment of doubt will dispel your power completely. Therefore, you should consider the 11th lunar day favorable for beginning new endeavors only if you are absolutely, 100% sure that you will be able to finish what you started and that you won’t stop half way, will always be bold and resolute, and will never give up.

There is one more important point: do not forget about spirituality. If all your efforts, thoughts and emotional impulses are focused only on achieving material wealth – you are unlikely to succeed.

Today, the soul comes first, and spiritual values take priority.

What else can you use today to your advantage? On the 11th lunar day, people literally radiate charm. It would not be a crime to use that for personal purposes.

On this day, you should be careful when handling knives, forks and other sharp or bladed objects. The sign of this day says: if today you dropped a fork or a knife – it warns you about a possible danger in the near future.

The day is also favorable for travelers, for beginning a journey. It is also a good day for moving to a new place.

Today December 11, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun l 18° 56' 45"
W Moon k 27° 32' 8"
E Mercury z 8° 8' 54"
R Venus k 7° 40' 43"
T Mars l 12° 6' 36"
Y Jupiter s 6° 15' 23"
U Saturn c 1° 40' 43"
I Uranus s 19° 58' 47"
O Neptune c 24° 53' 41"
P Pluto z 28° 45' 28"