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Fifteenth lunar day

Symbols of the day: dragon
Stones of the day: agate, morion, selenite, jet, emerald
General characteristics

The fifteenth lunar day, like the previous one, is filled with energy. The only difference is that today it is much more difficult to use your power. You have a risk of inadvertently overestimating your abilities and overspending your energy reserves. Moreover, this day is considered one of the demonic days of the month – it is dedicated to Anubis. His symbol is a serpent. This symbol reminds us of how short-lived happiness can be, and how often it can be followed by the pain of disappointment. Most of all it has to do with romantic love and personal relationships: today they are especially vulnerable.

Recommendations for today

On this day, you can start simple projects that don’t require titanic efforts and time. Today, luck will follow those whose work is related to trade and commerce. The first half of the day is especially unfavorable. During these hours, you might experience various difficulties at work and personal life. Your ambitions may become dangerous, and if you try to shift responsibility to other people – you can get into even bigger troubles, which might not happen today, but sometime in the future.

The second half of the fifteenth lunar day is less unpleasant. It is even suitable for implementing some plans, although possibly in a completely different way than previously thought. If you are not sure about the method or doubt the success of your undertaking – it is better to postpone the execution and be safe rather than sorry. At the same time, there is a chance to meet new people. In addition, creative ideas may come to you unexpectedly on this day. Pay attention to them – they will be worth it.

The 15th lunar day is one of the most important periods of the month, its most significant period. This is a day of the full moon – when the moon is at its apogee, at the peak of its energy saturation.

Today is the last day for us to work tirelessly in order to finally see the fruits of our labor. On this day, or soon after you will finally be able to see the long-awaited results.

Use the entire reserve of your power today, because if you previously lacked energy for something – today you will finally have enough. If you want, you can move mountains on this day. Anyone is given an opportunity to change something drastically on the 15th lunar day. Note, that it is important that your decisions today were not spontaneous, but well-thought and carefully considered. If you have been obsessing by an idea for a long time and haven’t been able to let it go and focus on something else – take advantage of the chance the fifteenth lunar days gives you and take it on. You will succeed.

Make sure you understand that we are talking specifically about a very strong, vitally important desire, about a goal that you don’t see your future without. Only under this condition you will wake up your power, only then the moon will provide you with the necessary energy. Although, such endless energy of the full moon also poses the biggest danger: the influence of the moon is so strong that all the positive and all the negative that exists inside you is amplified many times over.

Spend this day in a way you would like to see your future.

If the first lunar day is the foundation for the whole month, then the fifteenth lunar day is the same foundation for the remaining third and fourth lunar phases.

Special details

The 15th lunar day calls you to an inner transformation. If you spend it in idleness, without working on bettering yourself, if you give in to your weaknesses and prejudices – then you will never see changes in your soul, personality, character, behavior or habits. You will only get closer to the negative traits of your personality, and they will grow on you even stronger. Under such influence, people make big mistakes. Have you noticed that often books and movies describe the full moon as the night of big crimes? There is certain logic here: negative qualities, strongly amplified by the energy of the full moon, push people to do the most evil deeds.

The particular features of the 15th lunar day are the following. First of all, this is not the day for gambling: no betting, no slot machines, no casino table games, no playing cards. It is not even about a high possibility of losing – on this day it is also about possible fatal consequences for health and even life. You never know what you can expect on this day.

Also, on the fifteenth lunar day you should not be going on any trips. You should postpone any trips and especially long-distance journeys. They can lead to unexpected results, often unpleasant. You should go only in case when the departure date cannot be changed.

If you are a night person, keep in mind that between midnight and three o'clock in the morning it's better not to do anything meaningful, anything serious – no work and no socializing.

The signs of the 15th lunar day say that if on this day you argue with someone or become a witness of an argument – it is a bad omen. Running into a dog on this day is a good omen.

Today February 21, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun c 2° 42' 41"
W Moon g 3° 35' 35"
E Mercury x 27° 25' 37"
R Venus x 6° 25' 37"
T Mars x 6° 37' 48"
Y Jupiter s 9° 59' 27"
U Saturn c 8° 55' 15"
I Uranus s 19° 22' 26"
O Neptune c 26° 26' 50"
P Pluto x 0° 59' 33"