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Sixteenth lunar day

Symbols of the day: pigeon, butterfly, Psyche (personification of a human soul in Ancient Greece, which was depicted as a butterfly or a young girl with butterfly wings)
Stones of the day: spinel, tourmaline, charoite, emerald, pearls
General characteristics

The 16th lunar day in the mystical tradition is associated with Job – a biblical character who has become a household name and signifies a person who has endured many sorrows. Despite such symbolism, the sixteenth lunar day is by no means unfavorable and it has borrowed only one principle from its biblical prototype: a kind soul will never be in trouble forever, and after the rain the sun always shines.

The 16th lunar day is one of the most harmonious days of the lunar month.

This is a time of absolute balance between your consciousness, soul and body. Your main goal for this day is to preserve and enrich this harmony.

Recommendations for today

The 16th lunar day is quite favorable, although it often coincides with the full moon. This is explained by the fact that today the moon strengthens the aura of most people: they are now able to accomplish whatever they have conceived and demonstrate their abilities at the highest level (but only if they are targeted at action, creativity, invention).

If a person does not want to do anything and refuses to take part in creating his own destiny, he, on the contrary, will feel empty and bitter on this day. Note, that here we are talking about spiritual growth and self-improvement, because the sixteenth lunar day is the time of rest from intense and dynamic activities that took place in the period from the 12th to the 15th lunar days.

Special details

On this day, you should stay away from fuss, turmoil and stress. If possible – take time and rest. You can even just stay in bed the entire day.

On this day of the lunar month, it is not recommended to push forward with all your might. Today is the most blessed day when you can easily stay in bed longer, watch TV, take a walk or read. In this quiet alone time, you should be thinking not about work, but about yourself.

Spend a day in your thoughts, because this day is designed to help you regain strength and energy.

However, you should only allow yourself this time of relaxation if you spent the previous lunar day in dynamic activities. If, on the contrary, you wasted the previous day and spent it on entertainment, gossip and idleness, then you can expect trouble on the 16th lunar day. If you do not immediately try to get busy, then your passivity will only grow and turn into complete laziness, which, in turn, will bring you various problems – with your health, work, personal life, and you will spend the entire day in anxiety and sorrow.

Such a state, which precedes depression, is caused by the fact that you haven’t realized the energy potential provided by the moon. You didn’t release your energy, let it stay inside – and it caused energy stagnation. Remember: there is no reason for accumulating energy unless you are planning on using it. The energy must flow, and not stagnate. However, if you were late to the party yesterday, try spending today in prayer or meditation. This can help.

The day is favorable for all working in trade or commerce (especially food products). This is also a great day for those involved with creativity and arts, especially music and poetry. Make sure to remember your hobbies and passions today.

According to experts of the Tibetan astrological school, on the sixteenth lunar day our intellectual abilities are on a rise. It means that it is possible to solve the most pressing problems: but on this day you should only make decisions, while implementing your plans ou should on the 17th lunar day.

Today you can go on a trip, including a long-distance journey. Also, the day is suitable for moving and changing the place of residence.

Today February 21, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun c 2° 43' 13"
W Moon g 3° 42' 2"
E Mercury x 27° 26' 34"
R Venus x 6° 26' 17"
T Mars x 6° 38' 13"
Y Jupiter s 9° 59' 32"
U Saturn c 8° 55' 19"
I Uranus s 19° 22' 26"
O Neptune c 26° 26' 51"
P Pluto x 0° 59' 34"