If you tell yourself and others that you have already changed, it means that you have not changed at all – it is a mask. © The keys to life
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Eighteenth lunar day

Symbols of the day: mirror, monkey, ice
Stones of the day: white agate, opal, lilac amethyst, spinel
General characteristics

The 18th lunar day is special because everything that is happening today with you and around you is like a mirror of your internal state. One of today’s symbols is a mirror, which means that the events, people and opinions reflect our true selves. This is the day when you can suddenly see yourself as you really are, in the raw and without wearing any masks. You will definitely not succeed in pretending on this day.

Listentowhatotherssayaboutyou today. All the kind words that you hear in your regard will be true, and all the negative comments will give you an opportunity to think about your character and actions. Thesameappliestobusinessmattersandrelationships.

If you are surrounded by successful and kind people, and you see manifestations of love and tolerance, then all these qualities apply to you as well.

Recommendations for today

It is very pleasant to learn something good about yourself, and it is useful to learn something unflattering, because it give you a chance to fix your mistakes. The 18th lunar day provides an opportunity to understand what kind of mistakes you have made, what hinders your progress and keeps you away from succeeding. On this day people also definitely fall into those pits that they dug for others.

For example, if today someone offended you – it means that some time ago you did the same to another person, and are capable of doing it again. Take this into account and remember that on this day there are no meaningless or random events – everything that happens is logical. Also, you should understand that the events of this day are not retribution or punishment, but simply the symbols of your actions and thoughts. They are not catastrophic, but serve as a warning and caution. This is a lesson that is given for your own good.

Today, you might have a desire to do other people’s bidding, to be easily persuaded. It is better to avoid such outcomes, and instead to look into your own soul and understand what you really want, why you act this particular way.

Depending on your inner state, this day can be either happy or unhappy.

Special details

The first half of the 18th lunar day is the time of conflicts, emotional discomfort, sudden situations and unexpected troubles. All the bad things that happen during these hours will appear as if from nothing, without any apparent reason. In any case, they will bring difficulties at work and in personal life, inadequate self-esteem, arguments with colleagues, partners and close people that will come from misunderstanding and selfishness.

The second half of the day will slowly start getting better. You can take steps to diffuse any conflict situations, find a compromise, or look for a way out of an unfortunate situation.

You can still attempt doing something meaningful on this day, but most of your activities will be useless. It is better if you won’t swim against the current, but instead choose to calmly react to to what is happening – in a word, demonstrate your flexibility and wisdom. For example, if something happened that requires your intervention – then intervene, but do not create a situation that will require such reaction. Do not be a provocateur today and refrain from showing initiative.

It is especially dangerous on this day to express arrogance and selfishness, to show vanity and ambition. Such behavior will have a very negative effect on you. The consequences can be the most unpleasant and lead to arguments, break ups and losses.

Today February 22, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun c 2° 44' 24"
W Moon g 3° 56' 16"
E Mercury x 27° 28' 38"
R Venus x 6° 27' 44"
T Mars x 6° 39' 7"
Y Jupiter s 9° 59' 43"
U Saturn c 8° 55' 28"
I Uranus s 19° 22' 28"
O Neptune c 26° 26' 54"
P Pluto x 0° 59' 36"