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Nineteenth lunar day

Symbols of the day: spider, spider web, net
Stones of the day: labrador, agate, morion, hematite, chrysolite, green pomegranate
General characteristics

The nineteenth lunar day is one of the demonic days of the month. It is considered problematic and dangerous. This is a magical time, when outside influences are very strong and unfavorable. Therefore, ideally you should spend this day calmly, but not in solitude. You should avoid communicating with drunk people (and refrain from drinking yourself), or going out somewhere (it's better to stay at home), avoid staying in dark rooms, communicating with new or unpleasant people, and making new acquaintances.

Nevertheless, the first half of this lunar day is quite favorable. Due to patience and diligence, you have an opportunity to obtain the patronage of your superiors. If you are looking for support or sponsorship for your business, today is also a good day for that. The first half of the 19th lunar day is suitable for solving career issues and asking for a raise, and for improving your financial situation with the help from your partners. In these powerful hours, sexual potential increases, and people exude lots of charm; however, it can be quite assertive and aggressive.

The second half of the nineteenth lunar day is not so favorable, and because of it this entire lunar day is considered rather negative than positive. In the evening hours, you will be particularly impaired by excessive activity and self-confidence, insidiousness and cunning, deception and intrigue. The manifestation of these traits may become a cause for an illness or lead to serious problems during the next lunar day.

Recommendations for today

The 19th lunar day is one of the most conflictual days in the entire lunar month. This is a very tense time. Often enough, one careless word or glance may put you at the center of the conflict, which will lead to very serious consequences.

Sometimes the nineteenth lunar day becomes a test for your self-possession and strength, and if you can’t pass this test – you may easily lose everything that has been achieved in the previous lunar days. In other words, on this day you must prove to your destiny that you truly deserve all the blessings that have been given to you.

Be prepared to answer the question of whether or not what you have is truly important to you, and whether you are ready to defend it. Is it possible that everything you consider valuable is just a game for you? In this case, the 19th lunar day will help you to end this game.

If recently you got what you wanted, then today you might face provocative situations when you will have to fight for your property and do everything to save it. The difficulty is that the already mentioned negative traits and skills, such as cunning, lack of control and hardheartedness, will have to be put aside.

Only tolerance and kindness can serve you faithfully today.

Also, you might find these qualities useful on this day: readiness to face problems, ability to react quickly and adequately to the emerging obstacles.

Special details

The magical power of the 19th lunar day is that it makes some people even stronger, while it makes others weak and spineless. Yet, everyone should have a chance. Today you will have the opportunity to cope with your anxieties, fears and doubts. You will only need one thing – to look at life realistically and see your current situation in its true colors, in the raw.

It is especially important to avoid self-deception on this day. If your self-conceit manifests today, it will take you a very long time to cut the vicious knot of deceptions and failures. Today, under no circumstances you should show a lack of judgment. One reckless act can bring to naught all your previous efforts.

Remain unprovoked and do not provoke others on this day.

There are no accidental or meaningless events today. Everything that is happening is of great importance. Remember: the way you behave today will determine the way you will be treated in return. After all, one of the central rules of mankind says: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The 19th lunar day seems to have been specially created to establish this rule.

If today you do not think about others, do not consider their feelings, refuse to help, deceive – do not be surprised when in a couple of days you will be deprived of help and support. The only person you will have to blame for this is yourself. You establish a certain standard, which can only be changed in the next lunar month. Even that has no guarantees, because it is not a given that your efforts next month will be successful.

If today you don’t have to go to work, don’t have any plans and don’t know what to do – it is best to do some cleaning. On this day you can clean, polish and wash everything that you see, and get rid of all unnecessary things. It is easy to determine what is necessary and what is not: if a thing hasn’t been used for a year – it is just taking unnecessary space in your house or in your wardrobe.

Although the European astrological tradition considers the 19th lunar day to be dangerous and unfavorable, according to Tibetan astrologers, this day is quite favorable for any new endeavors, travels, marriages and acquisitions.

Today April 15, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun a 26° 17' 6"
W Moon f 26° 4' 57"
E Mercury a 19° 42' 45"
R Venus a 13° 6' 41"
T Mars c 18° 30' 10"
Y Jupiter s 20° 37' 4"
U Saturn c 15° 11' 30"
I Uranus s 21° 32' 25"
O Neptune c 28° 26' 14"
P Pluto x 2° 2' 9"