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Twenty second lunar day

Symbols of the day: elephant, Ganesha elephant, scroll, book, the Golden key
Stones of the day: blue agate, blue sapphire, blue jasper, blue jade
General characteristics

The 22nd lunar day in the mystical tradition is related to the god Vulcan. Its symbols are stability, world law, firmness, knowledge and books.

This day is considered very unfavorable for starting any new projects and endeavors, especially serious ones and of great importance to you.

In other ways, the day is quite favorable, because everything today contributes to your spiritual and creative renewal.

It is very possible today to be presented with unexpected new opportunities. Most likely, if you take advantage of them, you will be able to rethink your experiences and build plans for the future. In addition, this is a good day for communication and negotiations, because on this day people are not inclined to lie, evade or pretend. On the contrary, they are ready to share their thoughts and help you unselfishly. On this day, you can make various offers and seek consensus.

Recommendations for today

One of the symbols of the 22nd lunar day is the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha. In the Indian tradition, he is the son of Shiva and the patron of wisdom. A day dedicated to him is considered suitable for obtaining new knowledge. Therefore, if you have a chance or a necessity, today you should definitely focus on your education. On this day, it is especially useful to exchange knowledge, learn from your mentors’ personal experiences, indulge in self-education, attend training events and go to libraries.

Today, you can learn something new and unusual, discover something unknown, understand something that has always been unclear, because on this day the information comes from above. The main thing is to be able to catch it, but the only skill you need for that is attention. Even if you turn on the TV, the first random phrase or a scene might give you an answer to the question that has been bothering you for a while.

The 22nd lunar day is not a passive day of the lunar month. If today you choose to lie on the couch, look at the ceiling, eat, sleep, waste time on empty talk – in a word, if you indulge in laziness, then the energy of the moon will no longer be directed at you, but work against you. This, in turn, will lead to a memory deterioration and reduced focus and concentration.

Special details

This lunar day has a conflicting interpretation. It is favorable for any undertakings, but only on condition that they are carried out sincerely, do not harm anyone and do not destroy anything. All the bad deeds of this day will not be realized.

On this day, your creative and sexual potential is growing; your sense of justice and intuition is sharpened. You will have strong willpower. The day is favorable for going on trips, pilgrimages, countryside journeys and business trips.

Today you can make promises and vows – they will be easy to keep and fulfil.

It should be noted that Ganesha is considered the patron saint of poets, so these people will have an especially fruitful day. An interesting situation develops in scientific fields. If you are not built to deal with all things abstract and instead you are more inclined to grind away at your studies, then today you might suddenly make a new discovery.

Today December 11, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun l 18° 57' 11"
W Moon k 27° 37' 51"
E Mercury z 8° 9' 2"
R Venus k 7° 41' 13"
T Mars l 12° 6' 54"
Y Jupiter s 6° 15' 21"
U Saturn c 1° 40' 44"
I Uranus s 19° 58' 46"
O Neptune c 24° 53' 41"
P Pluto z 28° 45' 29"