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Twenty third lunar day

Symbols of the day: crocodile, crocodile Makkara, Cerberus, Chimaera, Echidna
Stones of the day: sarder, white and black jade
General characteristics

The 23rd lunar day is a difficult and unsuitable day difficult day for transformations. If in the first half of the lunar month we came across the days of spiritual transformations, then this day instead favors the matters of the flesh, the outworld and reality. Numerous changes are occurring today all by themselves, mechanically and represent the result of what you have done during the previous days of the lunar month. Perhaps, you might even have a feeling that everything happens without your involvement, without taking into account your wishes. You will feel that you are losing something. Such attitude will ignite a desire to immediately put everything on hold, to stop everything and prevent any changes.

If you choose to go against fate, trying to turn back time and stop the changes, then this day will become extremely difficult for you. In order to prevent this, do not take what is happening to heart. Take it easy and smile. Nature abhors a vacuum: if you lose something, you will free up space for something new, perhaps even better. Remember that we are talking here about material things.

Recommendations for today

The 23rd lunar day is considered very controversial. This day tests your plans and intensions. Any mutual obligations will be tested for firmness and stability; ideas and plans will be revisited and revised. There are simply too many transformations on this day to start new undertakings. It will be better if you take on what you have started earlier, and bring it to completion.

The second half of this day is very unfavorable and full of conflicts. In working and personal relationships there might be jealousy, envy, resentment, and mutual accusations due to disappointed expectations and unfulfilled plans. If you, however, still decide to share your thoughts with someone, keep in mind that you may be misunderstood today. Therefore, it is better to be direct, express your thoughts clearly and precisely. Better yet, to postpone for a little while any more or less important conversations. On this day, it is very probable to lose your peace of mind, and turn any conversation into an argument or a fight. To maintain a sense of inner harmony, try to communicate on this day as little as possible.

One of the symbols of this day is Makara crocodile. It is a mythical bloodthirsty sea-creature – part-crocodile, part-fish, part-bird and part-snake.

This day is characterized by a very high energy, and this energy is quite aggressive and assertive. That is why you should not pause or stop or hide in your shell. If you become lazy today, this energy will knock you off your feet. At the same time, whatever you are doing today, remain calm, collected and rock solid.

Special details

The energy of this day is unstable and impulsive; and the likelihood of committing evil and harmful deeds is very high.

Try to avoid populous gatherings, unknown places and new groups of people.

Today, the crowd can make a person feel anxious and make his actions quite unpredictable and unkind. Often, you yourself will provoke others to start conflicts, in other words, stick your neck out for no reason.

It is very difficult not to be provoked on this day, so it is recommended to avoid places where you can be pushed into rash reactions. Today, your behavior is driven by the fact that your aura is exposed to the strongest influence by the lunar energy flows. As usual, people find an outlet for their excessive energy reserves in arguments, scandals and fights.

It would be much more productive to use your energy for peaceful purposes and for your own sake. For example, you could solve an important problem that has not been fixed for a long time.

On this day, people harm themselves only because they don’t have the right tools to adequately use the energy of the Moon. Today, this energy is capable of moving alone any, even the most complex matter.

You should remember that the 23rd lunar day is considered one of the most favorable for getting rid of all unnecessary and excessive things. It can be anything – from old clothes to body toxins.

Today February 22, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun c 2° 48' 5"
W Moon g 4° 40' 31"
E Mercury x 27° 35' 6"
R Venus x 6° 32' 15"
T Mars x 6° 41' 56"
Y Jupiter s 10° 0' 17"
U Saturn c 8° 55' 54"
I Uranus s 19° 22' 33"
O Neptune c 26° 27' 1"
P Pluto x 0° 59' 42"