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Twenty-fourth lunar day

Symbols of the day: bear
Stones of the day: blue jade, citrine, malachite, black jasper, turquoise, obsidian
General characteristics

The 24th lunar day is a day of male energy. During this period, we almost never follow the call of the heart, and instead we are ruled by reason. Physical strength is on the rise today, and romantic dates go smoothly, as well as all the projects that have been started before. Strong people will prevail today and defeat weaker ones. This is a day for all those who have been procrastinating for a while. Today you can finally get up and accomplish a week’s worth of work in one day. This type of person reminds a bear who after a period of long hibernation wakes up and can move mountains.

The twenty-fourth lunar day is a time of dynamic activity.

Yet, unlike the previous day, the energy of this period is not aggressive or destructive. Although, it is a little bit rude, like people themselves, who on this day are often awkward.

Recommendations for today

The 24th lunar day is a favorable day for creativity, especially for creating works of art and presenting them to the world. It is a great day for exhibitions, shows, performances, concerts and other creative events. Typically, most people are in a good mood on this day. They might not be too eloquent, but at the same time they have no purpose to be rude or offensive. In a way, this is a day when we take a breather after an aggressive previous day. By the way, if yesterday you managed to have a fight with someone, today is a good day to try and make a step towards reconciliation, or at least offer a well-deserved apology.

If possible, spend this day in a calm manner, without unnecessary fuss and bustle, in a company of friendly people. However, this is not a must, and if you want, you can get active. The choice is entirely yours.

Special details

Like the 22nd lunar day, this time is good for learning as it helps activating your mental processes. On this day you will find it easier to concentrate and solve problems that require thoughtful reflection and analysis.

All gardeners and farmers should bear in mind that the twenty-fourth lunar day is associated with fertility, and therefore it is very favorable for starting sowing works. Tibetan and Indian astrological schools consider this day the most favorable period for starting construction projects.

This lunar day has good news for travelers: if today you get on a road, your trip will be successful and effective. The only drawback is that during the first hours of travel you might encounter some issues, such as flight delays, for example.

Today April 15, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun a 26° 14' 46"
W Moon f 25° 35' 16"
E Mercury a 19° 44' 24"
R Venus a 13° 3' 44"
T Mars c 18° 28' 19"
Y Jupiter s 20° 36' 32"
U Saturn c 15° 11' 16"
I Uranus s 21° 32' 17"
O Neptune c 28° 26' 9"
P Pluto x 2° 2' 7"