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Twenty sixth lunar day

Symbols of the day: toad, swamp
Stones of the day: chrysoprase, jadeite, coral, blue and yellow jade
General characteristics

The 26th lunar day is associated with changes in one’s value system and re-prioritization. Today we get an opportunity to see ourselves through other peoples’ eyes.

This time is considered unfavorable for any undertakings, but you will get a small bonus, if you have actively and competently worked during the previous days of the lunar month. In this case, you will be able to expand your opportunities and prospects – at this stage, at least in planning. Listen to the advice of your friends and do not reject their suggestions. Think about what kind of initiative you could show: fresh and creative solutions to stale problems can provide you with support from your superiors and material success.

You will also get a chance to improve relationships with others, especially close people. The day will go smoothly and easily in that case, but that is more likely an exception than a rule today. This exception applies only to those who tuned in to the lunar rhythms during this month, and also to those lucky ones celebrating their birthday today.

Recommendations for today

Let's not forget that a toad is also a symbol of wisdom, like a snake or a turtle. The difference is that this type of wisdom does not benefit a person. The other side of the wisdom, which is symbolized by a toad, is complacency and self-deception. Because of these characteristics, the 26th lunar day for most people is a difficult and important time.

You will be surrounded by provocations and temptations, so you will have to gather all your strength to remain unprovoked.

You will need patience and will power, and a skill to accept everything happening today calmly and with humor. The hardest thing today is not even hustle and problems, but constant mood swings.

The emotional temperature of this day is very unstable and changeable: you should not believe in promises, vows, threats, or confessions. In order to climb out of the deep it will take a lot of time and effort.

Do not go to extremes when expressing your emotions today: you don’t need neither melancholy and sadness, nor crazy fun. Stick to a happy medium – this is the best solution for such a day; otherwise you are bound to run into arguments and fights. In addition to interpersonal conflicts, the 26th lunar day brings a high probability of theft and robbery. It is easy on this day to become a victim of such bad deeds. On the other hand, it's also easy to fall under someone’s influence, get involved in a stupid adventurous escapade, for which you will have to pay for dearly in the future.

This lunar day does not threaten you, but it serves as a warning. If you are planning to do something, but have doubts whether it is a necessary step – it is better to immediately abandon your idea.

Special details

On this day you should not nourish your self-conceit, fret yourself to fiddle-strings, feel sorry for yourself, bemoan your fate or exaggerate your troubles. If you aggravate these emotions with jealousy and envy – the result will be pitiful: the dark state of mind and soul will soon become your second nature. Remember that, as we have already said before, it is very difficult to get out of the emotions ignited on this day. They literally suck you in.

Among other warnings, we have advice for everyone who is driving today: be especially careful and vigilant on the road and take care of your vehicle, don’t leave it unattended.

The Tibetan astrological school believes that the 26th lunar day is favorable for giving different vows and promises. Again, according to the wisdom of this school, this day is the time of getting what you want. Perhaps, the opinion of Tibetan experts will be true for you. Everything is in your hands: at the very beginning of this article we talked about how to achieve it.

Finally, the twenty-sixth lunar day has its own signs. If today in a dream you saw a lightning, be careful – you have received a warning about possible danger. Another sign of the day: if you ran into a man with a full bucket, it is a sign that you have chosen the right path.

The day is unfavorable for travelers. On this day it is not recommended to go on the road. It is believed that on a journey you will lose more than you will get, even if at first everything will seem fine. The trip will be unprofitable and will not meet your expectations.

Today December 11, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun l 18° 53' 18"
W Moon k 26° 47' 9"
E Mercury z 8° 7' 46"
R Venus k 7° 36' 42"
T Mars l 12° 4' 8"
Y Jupiter s 6° 15' 37"
U Saturn c 1° 40' 30"
I Uranus s 19° 58' 54"
O Neptune c 24° 53' 41"
P Pluto z 28° 45' 23"