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If you tell yourself and others that you have already changed, it means that you have not changed at all – it is a mask. © The keys to life
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Twenty-eighth lunar day

Symbols of the day: lotus
Stones of the day: aquamarine, aragonite, jadeite, amethyst, plasma, milk opal, chrysoprase
General characteristics

The 28th lunar day, however contradictory it may sound, is the lunar day of the Sun. This lunar day is dedicated to the daystar. This day is very dynamic, active, and energetic. All routine matters will go smoothly today. Don’t miss this opportunity spend this day in motion, dynamic action and high spirits. You will get an energy boost for a long time!

On this auspicious day, you can start new projects related to any areas of life – work, family, gardening, or personal relationships.

The twenty-eighth lunar day is considered very lucky.

All astrological schools – even Tibetan, with often contradicts the European school, - believe that the day of the lotus is favorable for almost all matters.

Recommendations for today

However, you should exhibit some caution in the first half of the day. It is not recommended to overexert yourself – it may lead to health issues or troubles in your relationships. Yet, in the second part of the day you can already relax, think about yourself and your life, and evaluate what has already happened. Moreover, the day itself supports such course of action, because the Sun is a symbol of spiritual insight.

Evening hours are not as tense and nervous, emotions will calm down and your actions will be under control. The twenty-eighth lunar day recommends to listed to your loved ones: their advice can warn about possible difficulties.

All these characteristics make the 28th lunar day one of the most calm and easy days of the entire lunar month. Its symbol – a lotus flower – reminds us of the continuous spiritual growth of each person. Lotus tells us that everything we are doing for our souls is useful and necessary and will definitely lead to positive results.

This day is a time of spiritual maturation and gaining wisdom. After all, the lunar month is almost behind us – a lot has already happened, many events could have already changed us and our view of things. If throughout this lunar month you lived in harmony with the lunar rhythms, then today you will be rewarded – you will gain wisdom given to you by the Moon itself.

Special details

If you have been waiting for a miracle – let your hope get stronger. On the day of the lotus flower you may become witness to strange, mysterious and sometimes inexplicable events. Although their meaning will depend on how lived through the entire lunar cycle. For example, if you borrowed some money and still have not returned it – today you will not receive cash income, but instead you will money. If, however, you have been helping others on the previous lunar days – today you will be rewarded for your assistance. We are not talking just about money and other material benefits: because if we get what we deserve, then we are given back exactly what we have invested, that is, what is most important and desirable for us.

Remember that any troubles that happen on this day give you an opportunity to think about your actions. After all, every event is the consequence of your own choices. If the fruits of your efforts satisfy you – then you are doing everything right, and do not change this course of action.

Trips started on this day bring good luck. It is very likely that your journey will give you even more than you expected.

Today April 15, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun a 26° 16' 37"
W Moon f 25° 58' 48"
E Mercury a 19° 43' 5"
R Venus a 13° 6' 4"
T Mars c 18° 29' 47"
Y Jupiter s 20° 36' 58"
U Saturn c 15° 11' 27"
I Uranus s 21° 32' 23"
O Neptune c 28° 26' 13"
P Pluto x 2° 2' 8"