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Twenty-ninth lunar day

Symbols of the day: octopus, hydra
Stones of the day: obsidian, black pearls, cacholong, labrador, colored jasper, white opal. (Note: on this day, it is better not to work with stones.)
General characteristics

Typically, the 29th lunar day becomes the last day of the lunar month (the 30th lunar day happens rarely and does not last long, and the lunar month of 28 days is even rarer).

In the mystical tradition, this day is associated with the cruel king Herod, who has become a household name.

This demonic day is considered the most dangerous and unhappy of the entire lunar cycle.

It opens the so-called days of Hecate, or the cycle of the dark moon. This is the period of evil spirits, sorcerers and black magicians.

The 29th lunar day received its evil reputation primarily due to the immense power of its energy. The latter is so powerful and aggressive that the vast majority of people simply can’t deal with it properly. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that only terrible things will happen to you today.

First of all, you just need to remember that today the chances of troubles are very high. Knowing this, you can prevent and avoid various headaches. Secondly, in many respects the events of this day depend on how you have spent the entire lunar month. If you have made a lot of mistakes – then the 29th lunar day will become extremely difficult. If, however, you have lived the entire month in good conscience, then in the first half of the day you can understand a lot by listening to your intuition or get real help from partners, friends and even higher forces. This time can be used to get rid of all that hinders and bothers you, and get rid of those who harm you.

Yet, the second half of the twenty-ninth lunar day, one way or another, will remain unfavorable to a greater or lesser extent. You will most likely experience nervous tension, stress, depressed mood, anxiety, slight apathy. There is a high chance of getting sick or injured. You might or inadvertently be deceived or fall the victim of your illusions.

The atmosphere of the day is very nervous and it leads to various disagreements, arguments, scandals, hostility, conflicts, anger, envy and other negative events and emotions.

Recommendations for today

If you notice that you are slowly moving towards a conflict, it is better to nip it in the bud. It is possible that today's conflict will drag on for years. Do not give in to getting into an argument even if your feeling are seriously hurt. Just keep in mind that this might happen today. This day is ridden with conflicts and fights, so make sure to avoid sharp corners, or better yet – keep your communication with others to a minimum. Otherwise, you will only think about how to punish the offender; and revenge is a horrible feeling that empties the soul and drains the mind.

The symbol of the 29th lunar day, an octopus, clearly shows how the tentacles of the most evil feelings and thoughts envelop the heart and choke it, then get to consciousness and deprive it of control.

Another bad option is to find yourself in a place of the offender. You do not want to say or do something, for which you will be hated and cursed all your life, do you? In that case – you’re your emotions and words under strict control today. Do not attack even if you are being attacked. Do not try and hurt anyone out of revenge. You may accidentally go too far, and we have just explained the possible consequences in detail.

Among the specific recommendations, or more precisely, the taboos of this day, we would like to mention the following: do not communicate with strangers, do not talk with ill-wishers, do not walk through dark streets, do not believe in promises and do not get involved in reckless schemes. You should be careful about literally every, even most familiar actions: from doing something in the kitchen to crossing the street.

There is data to prove that the 29th lunar day brings a large number of car accidents, medical emergencies and crimes.

Special details

Do not waste your energy on starting any new projects. They will most likely fail and the negative consequences might haunt you for a long time. Please note that this day is also unfavorable for completing the previously started projects. You can make a fatal mistake or just fall into bad luck. If you have been tirelessly working on something important for a while, it would be such a shame to erase all your efforts in one day.

We also want to mention the opinion of the astrological school of Tibet. Its experts believe that on the 29th lunar day we shouldn’t perform any funeral rites and wake ceremonies. This is explained by the fact that on this day the energy of the afterlife might open way to the various kinds of harmful entities, which find it easier to enter this world today.

The twenty-ninth lunar day is extremely unfavorable for traveling.

The 29th lunar day is considered the most unfavorable for getting on the road. You should travel only in case of emergency: if your life or lives of loved ones are at stake – in that case you will be guided by different lunar energy, which will protect you from any evil. Only in this case! In any other cases – do not tempt fate.

Today February 22, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun c 2° 44' 59"
W Moon g 4° 3' 13"
E Mercury x 27° 29' 39"
R Venus x 6° 28' 27"
T Mars x 6° 39' 34"
Y Jupiter s 9° 59' 48"
U Saturn c 8° 55' 32"
I Uranus s 19° 22' 29"
O Neptune c 26° 26' 55"
P Pluto x 0° 59' 37"