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Thirtieth lunar day

Symbols of the day: golden swan
Stones of the day: rhinestone, pearls, white coral, black garnet, tourmaline
General characteristics

Unlike the previous lunar days, the 30th lunar day is the most quiet and light day of the lunar month. Probably that is why it happens so rarely and doesn’t last long: we never get too much of a good thing.

This is a day of inner and outer harmony.

Today you can complete previous projects, reflect on your results, clean up and pay your debts. It is especially important to think about the results of your efforts in the 30th lunar day precedes the lunar eclipse. Everything that is being done today will go smoothly and easily. It is believed that the thirtieth lunar day is a day of love, forgiveness and harmony. It brings peace to work and relationships with others, and, more importantly, with yourself.

Recommendations for today

Everything that you are doing today will be successful with the exception of new projects: you should postpone any new grandiose undertakings for a few days.

On this day, find a way to please your friends, loved ones and family: surprise with a gift, say kind words. However, if you schedule important meetings for the first half of the day, be careful: in some ways, the unfavorable vibrations of the 29th lunar day are still present. If possible, wait a little before meeting new people.

On the other hand, this time is the best period for spending it with relatives and old friends and for reflecting on the entire lunar month. The second half of the 30th lunar day is especially favorable for that. This period sharpens your intuition, enhances your foresight and sends you the right premonitions. This is a wonderful period for creativity: there is an opportunity to create an outstanding piece of art, make something new, discover an unknown facet of your talents. Pay attention to the thoughts that come to you today: they can change your life.

Special details

On this day, you can expect pleasant surprises. It is excellent for dates and hanging out with friends. This is the time of rest for the body, and even more so for the soul. Allow yourself to be calm and happy, and have a good and pleasant time, which you have been postponing for a while. Put away all important matters, enjoy life, forget about hustle and bustle, ignore small worries, and do not bother with routine problems – you will always find time to take care of those.

On this lunar day, you are also given an opportunity to see the results of your actions. Everything you have been working for during the entire lunar month is ready to enter your life, and chances are high that it will happen today.

One more special feature of the 30th lunar day: it is an excellent time for farming. If you have your own garden, remember this, and use this favorable period! If not – try at least to go to the countryside, breathe in the fresh air, and walk barefoot on the grass: you will feel what energy boost it will give you, and it will come in handy in the upcoming lunar month.

Today June 25, 2022Sign positions of planets
Q Sun f 4° 8' 51"
W Moon s 27° 10' 26"
E Mercury d 13° 32' 37"
R Venus d 3° 13' 29"
T Mars a 23° 15' 22"
Y Jupiter a 6° 59' 8"
U Saturn x 24° 54' 22"
I Uranus s 17° 31' 18"
O Neptune c 25° 26' 27"
P Pluto z 27° 55' 1"