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Fifth lunar day

Symbols of the day: unicorn
Stones of the day: turquoise, pink chalcedony, marble
General characteristics

The 5th lunar day is one of the fateful days of the lunar month. This is the day when we face our destiny, fate, predestination. This is a day of spiritual purity.

Today you need to try to create harmony inside yourself.

Do not give in to provocations, do not do any bad deeds. It has long been believed that offenders will be punished on this day. Pay your debts and watch your belongings: if you lose something – you won’t be able to find it later. The symbol of the day – a unicorn – signifies loyalty to duty and principles. Make sure to consider this special symbol and its meaning during the 5th lunar day: this is the main thing that is required of you today.

The first half of the day has rather unfavorable atmosphere. You might feel shy and hesitant, feel lost or lack confidence. All psychological hang-ups will be exacerbated today. Under the influence of such energy you can miss the most promising opportunities and fail even those tasks that you considered foolproof. During this time people are often forced to adjust their plans and their intentions.

The second half of the 5th lunar day shows a very different picture. During these hours you can achieve success in communication, get positive response to favors or requests. The same period is good for romantic dates and in general for communicating with the opposite sex.

Recommendations for today

Tibetan sages believe that on the 5th lunar day all virtuous deeds are doomed to fail. Whether you want to believe them is up to you. It is very possible that today you will experience mood swings, or change your opinions back and forth on some things. Hope will first turn into despair, and then into a fervent faith. What once seemed amazing will seem disgusting, then good again, only to seem bad again later. You will go from feeling calm to being anxious, and back again. It is normal for the 5th lunar day. Just make sure not to fixate on negativity and overcome it.

This day is very important. Moreover, it is considered one of the most important days of the first phase of the moon.

This kind of mood is based on the fact that today we are experiencing spiritual changes as many things inside and around us are changing as well.

Special details

If you waited for your efforts to bear fruit, then you can expect that to happen today. Whatever happens to you, do not be afraid and do not despair: these are all natural progressions of things. Everything is going the way it should be. Even if it's hard for you, accept it: in time you will see that it was only for the better. By the way, unicorn is not only a symbol of loyalty to your duties. According to old beliefs, this mythical creature really appeared to people; but only when a person was at the verge of the most important changes in life. That is why you need to take the events of this day seriously and responsibly.

Remember the advice that the 5th lunar day give you: carefully watch every word, action and even thought.

Today, your thoughts get materialized. The things you think will come true. This is a rare opportunity, and it should be used for good, otherwise in the future you might not be given such a chance again.

Today February 22, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun c 2° 45' 48"
W Moon g 4° 12' 56"
E Mercury x 27° 31' 4"
R Venus x 6° 29' 26"
T Mars x 6° 40' 11"
Y Jupiter s 9° 59' 56"
U Saturn c 8° 55' 38"
I Uranus s 19° 22' 30"
O Neptune c 26° 26' 56"
P Pluto x 0° 59' 38"