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Sixth lunar day

Symbols of the day: crane, clouds, sacred oracular bird Ibycus
Stones of the day: hyacinth, citrine
General characteristics

Since ancient times, the 6th lunar day has been considered lucky. Luck will accompany your endeavors and beginnings. You may find a missing thing or get immense pleasure from socializing or meeting close and dear people, from spending time with loved ones. It is not by chance, because the number 6 is the number of Venus, the goddess of love.

On this day you will get an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and talents. Today you can achieve success in many areas of life.

It’s a great day for making new acquaintances and new plans.

Today is good for thinking about an important project, about achieving a goal and getting what you want. After all, today the energy of the moon enforces the realization of your dreams and plans. Also today is the day when your intuitive abilities are heightened. If you ever noticed that you have a talent to foresee future events, then today is the day when your intuition will not fail you – the 6th lunar day is symbolized by a prophetic bird.

Recommendations for today

One of the accepted symbols of the 6th lunar day is a crane. This bird points at two elements at once – the Air and the Water. This day is considered to be their connection. This means that everything that is happening today is slow, like the movement of water, and smooth, like a whiff of air. It is happening as if on purpose – to help us get back in shape and recover from all the agitations of the 5th lunar day, and to fully register the changes that occurred yesterday.

This is not the time for dramatic changes. Do not expect any sudden occurrences or surprises. This is a truly very calm day. Whatever you do, you will not notice any significant results. Perhaps, you will even be left with a painful feeling that you worked today for nothing.

The 6th lunar day is a period of quiet rest, and a possible trip will only break this rhythm and lead to negative consequences. Again, according to Tibetan sages, on the sixth lunar day you should not give or lend anyone any of your personal things. Otherwise, the person who receives them will also take away your peace and luck: your well-being will drain like water, or will evaporate like air, because the sixth lunar day is a synthesis of these two elements.

Special details

This is the best time for passive and contemplative rest. Don’t be naive and imprudent, do not give in to provocations, stay calm, maintain peace and harmony in your soul, and be patient and understanding. Take an example from the air, which is light, but quick, and from the water, which reflects everything but keeps nothing in.

Today July 14, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun f 22° 30' 14"
W Moon j 28° 8' 34"
E Mercury g 18° 4' 14"
R Venus g 3° 25' 20"
T Mars s 25° 32' 15"
Y Jupiter d 11° 2' 45"
U Saturn c 19° 15' 0"
I Uranus s 26° 16' 56"
O Neptune c 29° 53' 34"
P Pluto x 1° 4' 37"