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Eighth lunar day

Symbols of the day: Phoenix, peacock, butterfly, wildfire, treasure chest
Stones of the day: red granite, chrysolite, agate, morion
General characteristics

In mystical tradition, this day is associated with the name of the Prophet Methuselah. In astrology, the 8th lunar day is the beginning of the second phase of the moon. It is considered a day of changes, repentance and spiritual transformation.

This day is often perceived as complex, burdened with responsibilities and tension. Today, all the unresolved matters become especially important and forgotten issues come up again with a vengeance. This is true for your personal life, work situation, health issues and, in general, all your plans and projects. It is no accident that whatever you started or conceived on this day will be realized much more slowly than you expected.

To make sure your efforts bear fruit, you should remember that sometimes team efforts deliver better results than working alone.

Today you can’t rely solely on yourself.

You will have to turn to other people for help – and it is totally fine, because their energy will come handy for achieving your goal. The 8th lunar day is a good time for finding new partners: they will be ready to share your workload and ideas, take part in a project and trust in its prospects.

Let's also note that today is a day when team environment can be very unstable. Any community will undergo changes and transformations. You can expect unexpected turns of events, conflicts or emergencies. You should keep calm, be reasonable, prudent and careful, and avoid rushing into anything.

Recommendations for today

Today you can notice the signs of future life’s changes. Make sure paying attention to them. Perhaps, these omens will not be too obvious, but if you can see them – they will be able to tell you a lot. Today is a good day to start getting ready for a new chapter in your life. Bear in mind that you may need to change your own position or behavior. If you have started a project a while ago, but haven’t been successful in it – revise your action plan. Perhaps, you have made a mistake in the calculations, or not following the right path, and the goal can be achieved by acting differently.

Special details

The 8th lunar day is full of emotional and mental tension. On this day people are prone to mood swings and going to the extremes. Do not be judgmental towards those who jump out of the pan into the fire, don’t know what they want or change their opinion many times. Such behavior is natural on this day and for a person going through complex spiritual transformation. Nevertheless, try not to allow such behavior yourself.

Make sure not to give in to any provocations today, don’t get irritated: this feeling is especially harmful and dangerous today. Also, avoidpeople and situations that may unnerve you today.

Stay calm, collected and balanced, and use your sense of humor: it could be an excellent assistant for you today. You will spend this day joyfully and calmly, and it will bring you a lot of useful things if you are open to change. Such attitude means a willingness to let something new into your life, and signifies your openness towards an unknown future, which can sometimes knock on your door even when you did not call for it. Today you must not resist change, otherwise you can harm your health, provoke stress, depression or diseases associated with nervous tension.

If the 6th lunar day is the day of Air and Water, then the 8th lunar day is the day of Fire. Moreover, today's Fire is the element of transformation and repentance. The 8th lunar day is in a test by fire after which a person is transformed spiritually, cleansing of old and superfluous negative influences. Something might happen on this day that will make you feel like a different person: this does not happen every month, but if it does – most often it occurs on the 8th lunar day. That is why, one of today’s symbols is a phoenix – a mythical bird, which, having burned in fire, rises reborn every time from the ashes.

Ironically, on this day it is not recommended to perform any work related to fire. This means that you shouldn’t burn candles or bonfires, and you should use caution when working with electrical appliances. You can get burned by accident. Gardeners should note this gloomy sign: the 8th lunar day is not favorable for working with soil, especially sowing. All the seeds that go into the soil on this day will become the seeds of enmity and injustice.

Another symbol of this day present day – a butterfly – has traditionally been regarded by many cultures as a symbol of rebirth, renewal, transformation and progress. This makes sense, since it transforms from a pupa, which in turn starts from a caterpillar. The first phase of the moon is associated with a pupa, while the second one is comparable to the image of a butterfly: all previously made plans start taking shape and visible outlines. Whatever has already happened appears to us in a completely new light. The 8th lunar day is the most favorable day to take a different look at things, revise your opinions, actions, principles, attitudes and achievements.

The eighth lunar day is considered favorable for anyone who goes on the road.


If to you can’t let go of old grievances, turn on the shower and while standing under the running water imagine the water washing off all your sorrows and resentments, and all the harm done to your soul. Let the water keep only the things you want to save, - peace, calm and carelessness. After a shower, have a light breakfast, and if you can - do not eat anything until the next morning.

If you are tormented by mistakes made in the past, today is the most suitable day to get rid of an old sense of guilt. Write down your bitterness on a piece of paper and then burn it with a candle. Afterwards, wash off the ashes with water.

Today December 11, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun l 18° 55' 39"
W Moon k 27° 17' 56"
E Mercury z 8° 8' 33"
R Venus k 7° 39' 27"
T Mars l 12° 5' 49"
Y Jupiter s 6° 15' 27"
U Saturn c 1° 40' 39"
I Uranus s 19° 58' 50"
O Neptune c 24° 53' 41"
P Pluto z 28° 45' 27"