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The planetary clock: Jupiter Hour

This is the hour of good fortune! Typically, it brings good luck in almost any undertaking, although it is recommended to postpone a visit to a restaurant or a friend’s party. Nothing really bad would happen if you still decide to go, but there is a high risk of overindulging and overeating: Jupiter is immoderate.

This is a very good time to begin your trips: there will be very few obstacles, traffic jams, delays, queues and other annoying setbacks on the way. However, most likely the trips won’t be short and quick, because you would want to frequently stop to run some chores. In any case, the trip will be fun, productive and interesting.

During the Jupiter hour, it is favorable to receive an astrological or any other consultation, turn to lawyers for legal advice or solve any legal issue. Jupiter favors acquiring new knowledge and teaching activities, speaking at conferences and meetings, and fulfilling social or political ambitions. Also, this is a good time to engage in all types of financial activities, make requests with your superiors (the likelihood of getting them denied is very low), and engage in promotional and marketing activities.

Today April 15, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun a 26° 18' 39"
W Moon f 26° 24' 36"
E Mercury a 19° 41' 39"
R Venus a 13° 8' 38"
T Mars c 18° 31' 24"
Y Jupiter s 20° 37' 26"
U Saturn c 15° 11' 40"
I Uranus s 21° 32' 30"
O Neptune c 28° 26' 18"
P Pluto x 2° 2' 9"