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The planetary clock: Moon Hour

The Moon hour is a period of rest and relaxation. During its hour, the moon favors situations related to caring for the family, small children, comfort, household issues (washing clothes, cleaning, cooking). At the end of the time, it is just a wonderful time to eat, relax on the couch, take a break, enjoy a bath, chat with loved ones or meet up with friends, go to a cafe or restaurant, and simply daydream.

Since our consciousness is the most relaxed at this hour, it is better to postpone solving any serious problems. You should also avoid dealing with any important documents, complicated intellectual work. It is also not recommended to borrow and lend money during this period.

Today April 15, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun a 26° 16' 11"
W Moon f 25° 53' 19"
E Mercury a 19° 43' 24"
R Venus a 13° 5' 31"
T Mars c 18° 29' 27"
Y Jupiter s 20° 36' 52"
U Saturn c 15° 11' 25"
I Uranus s 21° 32' 22"
O Neptune c 28° 26' 12"
P Pluto x 2° 2' 8"