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Tarot Reading with One card

In a situation when you want to get a quick answer to your question, this type of reading will be best.

In this reading we quickly draw just one card, so we get a straight-forward answer because there are no other cards that could confuse us. This reading uses a deck with Major and Minor Arcana cards.

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Today December 3, 2020Sign positions of planets
Q Sun l 11° 20' 9"
W Moon f 11° 20' 25"
E Mercury l 1° 55' 34"
R Venus k 14° 16' 4"
T Mars a 17° 29' 49"
Y Jupiter z 26° 33' 13"
U Saturn z 28° 35' 40"
I Uranus s 7° 26' 57"
O Neptune c 18° 10' 3"
P Pluto z 23° 19' 18"