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Nakshatra 12. Uttara Phalguni

The Moon in the 12th lunar house is found among party leaders, country leaders, leaders of a scientific or spiritual organizations, community organizers and etc. Sometimes the Moon here indicates phenomenal or extrasensory abilities, such as healing, or tendency for charitable activities.

In personal life, usually this position of the Moon indicates a high interest in everything regarding gender questions, early sensuality and difficulties with legal marriage. It gives men the wisdom due to knowledge and life experience, success in enterprises, sometimes a good marriage and a happy married life. But for women it can portend celibacy, disappointments in love and negative intimate experience in young years. Often women with this position of the Moon stay old maids, preserving their virginity either due to predisposition to this, or a serious illness, fear of sexually transmitted diseases or their impact on children.

In the professional plan, the Moon in the 12th lunar house favors civil service, farming or animal breeding.

Today September 24, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun j 0° 58' 5"
W Moon z 19° 53' 32"
E Mercury h 13° 18' 59"
R Venus g 19° 2' 3"
T Mars j 18° 2' 23"
Y Jupiter s 14° 56' 11"
U Saturn c 1° 51' 36"
I Uranus s 22° 47' 43"
O Neptune c 26° 8' 21"
P Pluto z 27° 57' 28"