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Nakshatra 2. Bharani

Characteristic qualities of the owners of the Moon in the 2nd lunar house are as follows: ambition, willpower, energy, sober mind, prudence, but to the detriment to feelings; diligence, performance, self-possession, endurance, patience, dedication, self-confidence, power; strongly developed sense of duty, responsibility, but also a strong attraction to material values and benefits.

A person with such a position of the Moon himself controls his life, creates his own destiny; this is where the Moon contributes to self-affirmation. He knows how to keep secrets and secrecies, tries to help others, mitigate their suffering, and is able to protect anyone from the attack of enemies or criminals. Sometimes he can lose attention and act recklessly.

It is a good position for health. Phenomenal and extrasensory abilities are not excluded. Wisdom is gained with accumulation of life experience, knowledge, thanks to a sober analysis and awareness of past mistakes, blunders, and misconceptions. In many horoscopes, this position of the Moon indicates a successful commercial activity, a business, both small and big, and also the opportunity to find hidden treasure buried in the ground or a wall.

But in the horoscopes of sailors, especially the militaryones, this moon house turns into an unfavorable indicator: it may indicate an unsuccessful, dramatic, even tragic sailing, which ends either with the damage of the ship’s system, or a shipwreck.

This position of the moon is often found in the horoscopes of the people who were in captivity, concentration camps,who died under these circumstances or suffered from repression.

Sometimes the moon in this lunar house indicates an immoral lifestyle, unreasonable love affairs and intimate contacts.

Today September 24, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun j 1° 0' 39"
W Moon z 20° 30' 42"
E Mercury h 13° 22' 5"
R Venus g 19° 3' 39"
T Mars j 18° 4' 7"
Y Jupiter s 14° 56' 1"
U Saturn c 1° 51' 26"
I Uranus s 22° 47' 40"
O Neptune c 26° 8' 16"
P Pluto z 27° 57' 27"