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Nakshatra 24. Dhanishta

The Moon in the 24th lunar house favors medicine, a folk-medicine as well. Therefore, favors doctors, healers and everyone who is directly connected with this. Has a positive impact on friendship, studying, getting a good degree and further development of knowledge and self-education.

If the Moon in the 24th lunar house has negative configurations with other objects of a horoscope, it indicates inner worries, a contradictory character: on one hand high ideals, on the other hand –immoral actions and behavior. For such people, it is difficult to connect wishes with reality. Long negative periods and lack of fortune often happen to them. Particularly, it’s quite negative for those holding a high-ranked authority position.

Today September 24, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun j 0° 58' 54"
W Moon z 20° 5' 15"
E Mercury h 13° 19' 58"
R Venus g 19° 2' 33"
T Mars j 18° 2' 56"
Y Jupiter s 14° 56' 8"
U Saturn c 1° 51' 33"
I Uranus s 22° 47' 42"
O Neptune c 26° 8' 19"
P Pluto z 27° 57' 28"