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Nakshatra 27.Uttara Bhadrapada

People with the Moon in the 27th lunar house are often have phenomenal and extrasensory skills, such as clairvoyance, a gift of foresight, are fond of spiritual sessions. The characteristic qualities of these people are as follows: a philosophical mind, prudence, honesty, decency, conscientiousness, goodwill, sensitivity, susceptibility, deep impressionability, kind and tender soul.

This position of the Moon favors farming and a country lifestyle. Often signifies a good marriage and happy family life, especially in male horoscopes. Favors people who dedicate themselves to a charity work.

If the Moon has negative configurations with other objects of a horoscope, its position in the 27th lunar house is not favorable, especially for country leaders and the majority of politicians.

Today July 14, 2024Sign positions of planets
Q Sun f 22° 32' 6"
W Moon j 28° 32' 1"
E Mercury g 18° 6' 46"
R Venus g 3° 27' 45"
T Mars s 25° 33' 38"
Y Jupiter d 11° 3' 9"
U Saturn c 19° 14' 57"
I Uranus s 26° 17' 0"
O Neptune c 29° 53' 33"
P Pluto x 1° 4' 34"