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Saturn and Pluto change their direction

September 18, 2019

Saturn and Pluto change their direction

Also Venus and Mercury are in Libra. Today Saturn will turn direct after almost half a year of retrogression. Before changing the direction, the planet slows down and then stops (well, for people on the Earthit seems that it has stopped) – this period is called a period of static. The period of static of Saturn has begun on September 11 and will end approximately on September 25. During this period the Saturn processes in social life will slow down. In particular, official applications (your applications and claims will beunder consideration longer than usual), agreements will be signed with delays or there will be some difficulties with the drafting of an agreement. Meanwhile, you will feel like to make everything in accordance to regulations and the law, or to set your own regulations and make others to follow them.

Almost at the same time with Saturn Pluto started to turn too. Starting from today Pluto has entered its period of static. This will bring tense into the most processes and spheres of life. Everything that happens will happen intensively. Emotions will be extreme and intensive. Unimportant things suddenly become very significant and important for us. Considering the intention to make tough decisions due to static Saturn and the increase of stress and conflict due to the influence of Pluto, it all can lead to a strong opposition in the future at work, personal or family life or any other social sphere. The peak of this conflict period will be from 18 to 25 September. Any global beginnings in your life should be postponed during this period, try not to follow emotions.  Perhaps, it is better to spend more time in the fresh air.  

On September 14, almost simultaneously, in unisonVenus and Mercury entered the sign of Libra. In the previous article, I indicated that when Mercury and Venus were in Virgo, our mind became logical, emotional sphere was thin and we were more business-like and rational. Now, the picture is changing and our mind becomes more emotional and passionate, our opinion becomes less subjective and our thinking depends on mood swings. But, this position of the planets will have rather a positive impact on work and business, Mercury feels good in the airy sign of Libra.  Also it is a good time for communications and hanging out with friends. Since Venus has been in stronger position in this conjunction, we should take into account that Mercury becomes more subjective. Thus, emotions can prevail at work. Hence, you should remember that a personal life and business must be separated from each other. Emotions should not prevail in business issues. Thus, try to keep it in mindwhen you notice that you are being excessively vulnerable or your emotional reactions to your colleagues’ or partner’s words and actions are very inadequate.

Today December 11, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun l 18° 52' 30"
W Moon k 26° 36' 33"
E Mercury z 8° 7' 30"
R Venus k 7° 35' 45"
T Mars l 12° 3' 34"
Y Jupiter s 6° 15' 40"
U Saturn c 1° 40' 27"
I Uranus s 19° 58' 56"
O Neptune c 24° 53' 40"
P Pluto z 28° 45' 22"