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Haircut lunar calendar for March 14, 2023

Haircut lunar calendar for March 14, 2023.

This Lunar calendar is made for the city of Washington, D.C..

You must choose your city of residence, as the duration and the beginning of the lunar calendar differ for each city.

Heads up!Since the Moon is moving very fast along the ecliptic (for example, a lunar zodiac sign, a lunar day or even a moon phase can change), this means that during the day the favorable influence of the moon can be replaced with a negative one, and vice versa. Please, pay attention to the time of your haircut!
Haircut recommendations for March 14, 2023
The transition of the Moon to the 23rd lunar day is at 0:56 am

From 0:56 am until the end of the day – unfavorable for haircuts

The influence of the lunar day at the moment – negative

You should not get a haircut today – this might ruin your relationships with others and become a source of many problems. It is better to trust coloring you hair on this day to a close person – this will attract positive energy and put you in high spirits. When styling, choose curly or wavy hairstyles.

The influence of the lunar zodiac sign at the moment – negative

Sagittarius has rather tricky effect on hair. It is not recommended getting a haircut on this day as it won’t serve you long – the hair will grow quickly and become unruly. Also, styling on this day will be hard to do and it will be short-lived. The same goes for a chemical perm and coloring your hair – it won’t last long and get dull quickly. If you still decided to get a haircut today, then choose an energetic and cheerful stylist, and be positive yourself as well.

Half Moon

Half Moon basically has no effect on getting a haircut on this day.

Today May 29, 2023Sign positions of planets
Q Sun d 8° 11' 56"
W Moon j 2° 36' 26"
E Mercury s 13° 33' 7"
R Venus f 23° 25' 33"
T Mars g 5° 16' 27"
Y Jupiter s 2° 55' 36"
U Saturn c 6° 55' 3"
I Uranus s 20° 4' 50"
O Neptune c 27° 24' 39"
P Pluto x 0° 11' 5"