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Tarot Cards Reading

Tarot Cards represent an ancient fortune-telling system based on the use of a deck of Tarot cards, where each card has its own specific philosophical and esoteric meaning. Using this type of fortune-telling, we can find out the influence of our past on a current situation or an important question, make sense of our problems or relationships with our partners or ill-wishers, find the best solution for any possible life situation, and much more.

Below you will find a list of various Tarot Card Spreads and their brief descriptions.

Love Pyramid The Tarot spread “Love Pyramid” is a kind of spread that uses the cards of the Arcana. This spread is seemingly simple, but at the same time, it is very deep: it will help you make sense of a complicated and problematic relationship and find the answer to your question.
One card The Tarot spread “One card” - in a situation when you want to get a quick answer to your question, this type of reading will be best.
Card of the Day The Tarot spread “Card of the Day” says that our life is like a kaleidoscope: different events succeed each other, we are in a constant rush, always hurry. How do we spend each day so as we are satisfied, how do we use all the opportunities that a day presents us with? The spread “Card of the Day” will help you find the answer and take a peek into the near future..
Today December 10, 2022Sign positions of planets
Q Sun l 17° 48' 30"
W Moon f 7° 10' 56"
E Mercury z 4° 26' 36"
R Venus l 29° 42' 0"
T Mars d 15° 27' 9"
Y Jupiter c 29° 14' 14"
U Saturn x 20° 28' 12"
I Uranus s 15° 43' 43"
O Neptune c 22° 39' 19"
P Pluto z 27° 0' 28"